Why Is A Body Detox Vital For Good Health? – How Free Radicals Can Destroy Your Health

Why Is A Body Detox Vital For Good Health? – How Free Radicals Can Destroy Your Health
There are many reasons for not feeling well. You may be sick, meaning germs have invaded your body and caused an infection. On the other hand, today’s busy lifestyles can cause fatigue and a whole host of other health problems due to not properly taking care of the body. However, after these are eliminated, the likely culprit is a buildup of free radicals from chemical laden products that bombard us daily. Items such as processed foods, plastic containers and chemically treated water all contain toxins that become free radicals once they enter the body. These toxins are also ever present in the air from factories and cars.

Once a doctor has ruled out illness, and it is determined that stress and lack of rest are not the cause of the ailment, it may be time to consider detox. Body detox works much the same way as drug or alcohol detox in that the body is being rid of harmful substances. Unfortunately, similar side effects can be seen, but on a much smaller scale. During the body detoxification process, one may feel extra sluggish and maybe a little ill. This is a sort of withdrawal from the chemical laden products that the body is accustomed to.

The human body is equipped to remove waste on its own. However, as society continues on the path of innovation, more and more chemical laden products are being introduced daily. The body can only eliminate so much, especially with today’s unhealthy diets. Just like a car runs more efficiently on high quality gasoline, so does the human body operate better when fueled by high quality foods. Occasionally, it is necessary to uses a cleaner in addition to the gasoline in order to remove any buildup of dirt or grime, or in the case of the body, free radicals that have a negative effect on how the body functions. This is where herbal supplements and teas can come in handy.

Ignoring the problem can have dire consequences. It is vital to ensure there is no buildup of toxins in the body in order to keep is running in the most effective and efficient manner. In addition to a detoxifying diet, it is important to avoid chemical laden products where possible. One way to do this is to avoid processed foods, which is a huge source of free radical causing chemicals. Choose whole versions of foods instead, which is not only free of chemicals, but also can have a detoxifying effect.

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