Why go for Armagard Outdoor Digital Signage protection

Why go for Armagard Outdoor Digital Signage protection

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[Shared by [url=http://www.nowexport.com:eqomnmcb]NowExport.com[/url:eqomnmcb]] Armagard is always at the tip of the tongue when you are talking about the best, most feature rich outdoor digital signage protection system. With more than a decades worth of experience, Armagard is still a front runner in coming up with the most innovative menu board enclosure solutions. Armagard takes particular pride in establishing a company-client rapport, based on the fact that it listens to customer needs, and ensures that it delivers the best possible quality in terms of outdoor digital signage protection. High value is typically measured by the rate of return customers, and Armagard all but tips the scales with 90% client retention-which is a couple of times more than any of its closest rivals; now that saying something! Menu board enclosure solutions are down to an exact science. You want one product with just the right blend of qualities, just to ensure that you get the proper value for money. These outdoor digital signage protection solutions aren just top class; they are pocket friendly and as top class as any product on the market. It all comes down to solving as many problems as possible. Dealing on the wo birds, one stone?principle, Armagard menu board enclosures put particular emphasis on attention to detail, innovative designs, and overall efficacy. Deciding on whether or not to put your LCD display system outdoors is always a tricky affair; you have to worry about harsh weather, vandalism, accidental damage, and then some! Then couple that with the added cost of repair, and you have your hands full. Now think about a scenario where you have an outdoor digital protection system that allays all these concerns, and gives you the unmatched value of what is potentially the best LCD enclosure you can find! ?So why is the Armagard outdoor digital protection system so popular? What qualities make it the proverbial thorn in its competitor side? First, this menu board enclosure is specifically built to withstand extreme temperatures at both ends of the spectrum. This means that your digital signage system is protected against extreme cold, and warm weather, saving you a substantial amount of money, that would have otherwise been spent on air conditioning systems. It gets better; this enclosure also protects your LCD display against dust and small particles, which, in principle, makes it perfect for industrial environments. This makes it significantly economical-based on the fact that it saves you the trouble of constant repair. You also have the added advantage of an enclosure system that is resistant to strong winds, and rainfall; light or heavy. It locked tight, and secure. This outdoor digital signage protection system does exactly what it says it does, and throws in a few extras. You have a system that is resistant to electrical surges. Which is cool, considering that just about brings an end to all your fears of computer crashes. Armagard meets, and, in most instances, surpasses your expectations. All these qualities come in a nifty little pack, with an outdoor digital signage protection system that is hard to match! When you want a product that spells high value, and provides a top quality protective environment for digital display systems, then Armagard just about sums it up!

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