When will the urban management officers be gentle?

When will the urban management officers be gentle?

  When will the town administration authorities get gentle? In most cases, those duplicate road companies fit in with the smallest category that stays trodden-doglike life. Of course, they create something banned. But I do not think they are unsafe to the community. They just will create their element of breads. They are willing to be law-abiding companies. But they are without investment.

  Who want to be checked down upon or ignored by those town administration officers? Who would like to see those town administration officers’ scornful glancing? Who can carry or withstand the problem and whacking from the town administration authorities. Even those real thieves are prohibited to be cursed or whacked. Why are the town administration authorities harming the trodden-doglike duplicate road vendors? Where is so-called the concept of tranquility society? Are not the town administration authorities able to be soothing when they use the law? Are the town administration authorities a company of hooligans? The person’s birthday celebration is around the part. Must the town administration authorities create our celebration disgraceful?

  I recommend that the innovator of the town administration be shot as soon as his underlings mistreat duplicate road companies. I do not want to say that duplicate selling is right. Meanwhile, I uncertainty it is rights to mistreat those duplicate companies. Do we like to see the images on which the town administration authorities are either whacking the duplicate companies or the latter are eliminating the formers? I do not think the town administration authorities need to rob those duplicate road vendors’ residence but that the authorities simply accuse the duplicate companies and then detain them without any power.

  We can use “Chengguan” instead of the full name of “The City Urban Management and Law Administration Institution “.It is only in The far east and no excellent Language for it. Chengguan became a Language concept now; you can look it up in Wikipedia, very excellent explanation there. Sellers always exist in historical past; my dad was a source in the Far East for years. I really understand what a bad life the source are major in the big town, just like you says, what’s incorrect with the companies who want to create a element of bread?

  In inclusion, we must not let the duplicate companies die from hunger. The authorities should release a special market whose administration cost is less or free. Those who cannot manage to pay greater taxation and expenses may do business in such marketplaces. Good community must not be put on the part of our leaders’ lips. Those savage town administration authorities must be ignored lest they become dark-colored lambs. Stop talking about it is lawful or not, the law manufacturer should think about it and the authcorities should do something useful and beneficial for the people living in the end.

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