When does a Cosmetic Dentist in NYC suggests for Tooth Extractions

When does a Cosmetic Dentist in NYC suggests for Tooth Extractions


“Always remember to be happy because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile,” says an anonymous quote on smiling. New Yorkers too are becoming increasingly aware about the importance of a beautiful smile. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to find full appointments at a cosmetic dentist NYC clinic. A healthy smile is a reflection of the overall good health of a person. Damaged and decayed teeth may hinder the normal function of the teeth and may look unsightly. In many cases, the cosmetic dentistry procedure of dental extractions is used for various dental issues.


In the section below, a Cosmetic Dentist NYC suggests when to go for a tooth extraction procedure.


·  1 Decayed and damaged teeth may result in other health implications and may distort the overall function of the teeth. The process of extraction helps in removing these redundant teeth in order to prevent any future health complications.

·  2 Tooth extraction procedures are considered imperative if the infection of the tooth is severe or is resulting in poor aesthetics of other teeth.

·  3 Extraction is useful for fractured teeth, extra teeth, gum diseases and those stuck in the jaw. Sometimes even preparation of teeth for orthodontic procedures such as braces may require the removal of a tooth or teeth.

·  4 Simple type of tooth extraction involves the use of local anesthesia and using an elevator the tooth is rocked back and forth until the periodontal ligament holding the tooth breaks. The tooth is then taken out using forceps by applying gentle pressure.

·  5 In some cases, surgical extraction may be used for teeth that are not easily accessible in cases where the teeth has not developed or have broken under the gum. In this type of extraction, an incision becomes imperative and the jawbone tissue is removed.

·  6 After this process, the healing process is initiated by using proper after care. A blood clot forms with in the socket of the tooth and cotton gauzes are used in order to stop any blood flow. Soft foods and pain management pills are also prescribed for the patient. Minor swelling is common after this procedure but usually decreases after two days of the surgery.




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