What Should We Do in Our University Days?

What Should We Do in Our University Days?

The college life is an important part of our life. To some extent, it is this stage in our life time that decides what kind of person we will become in the future. Then, what should we do and what should we learn in this period of time? Here are some suggestions I would like to share with you.

1.To be well informed of the knowledge related to different fields, such as the business, the politics

2.To learn to deal with the setbacks and challenges in an active way

3.To do something that you haven’t done before, and which you think cannot be done in the future

4.To take part in the various social activities and practices

5.To learn to view things from the perspective of a member in the society

6.To be active in the organizations you have joined

7.To communicate with people around you and to make more friends in different areas

8.To cherish the opportunities available to show your capability and learn to appreciate others’ efforts and achievements

9.To learn to deal with different kinds of people and learn to improve your EQ

10. To enhance your ability to express your ideas and thoughts

11. To let other people know what you are thinking and what is your opinion on a specific issue

12. To seize every chance useful to make a better future

13. To travel around to make views broader

14. To spend more time in reading, and to reduce the time spending on the computer games or something like that

15.To work hard in order to have more chances to find a good job

16. To take more exercises in order to keep fit and healthy

These things mentioned above are just some tips for you. Actually different people have different opinions on the issue of how to spend our college life. As long as we live everyday to the best and make good preparation, we will not feel regret when we finally step into the society and become one of the working people.

In fact, every stage in our life matters a great deal and they compose our life. We should cherish the time and try our best to live our life a full one. If you are still confused by the hard life, then it is the time for you to take some actions.

It is high time to spare one night from your busy life to go to a concert, and you will find that life can just be so wonderful and peaceful.

It is high time to go on a visit with some of your good friends to enjoy the beauty of nature.  

It is high time to spare one day to come back home, and you will find that your life is filled with happiness, Sometimes it is just from a phone call or a simple saying of ” Mom, I love you”.

Yes, dear friends, life isn’t so difficult as you have imagined. It is the attitude that really makes the difference.