Early one morning about a week ago while I was still in bed, I’d hear all these whooshing noises about every ten seconds. I went outside my tent to see what was going on and saw all these flocks of birds flying above. Flock after flock after flock flew by. It was an amazing sight.

Anyway, Nkii loves birds and whenever he sees a flock like this he says "whah!" just like we’d say "wow". There is a great, two-minute youtube video about a bird murmuation that is mindboggling. I tried to download it for Nkii to see, but it’s impossible with my slow internet connection. I’m going to ask the next person that comes out here to bring a copy of it. I’m having lots of fun trying to predict whether I’ll hear WHAH! or whether Nkii will be speechless. Can’t wait.

BTW we had another huge dust storm yesterday and so I couln’t take my computer out of safe keeping. After the dust storm we got about 53 drops of rain. I rushed out of my tent to see the rain because I’ve never once seen it rain in Amboseli. Anyway, by the time I got my tent flap open and got outside, the rain had stopped, but in the 3 seconds I stood outside, I got three mosquito bites. Now see why I like the dust?


If you notice the tags you’ll see I’m conducting a small experiment. heehee

Posted by Kerri Lee Smith on 2012-10-07 07:32:21

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