Website- Key Web Design Aspects

Website- Key Web Design Aspects

In today’s world, upon being asked the details of the company, the business men usually quote a website. The website is the business representative of the website owner in the virtual world of the internet. The website is responsible for multiple functions which include sharing information, converting the visitor into a buyer and finally generating revenues. If you want to optimize the functionality of the website and assure its success a perfect website design becomes mandatory.

User friendly:  Finally it is the buyer who runs the business. It is when the buyer buys the product, that the revenue is generated. This means that to assure the success of the website, the web design needs to be user friendly. The visitor should be easily able to find what he/she is searching for. All the details of the products or services are mentioned on the website. The product or the service should be illustrated with images wherever necessary.

Basic structure simple: There is no need of adding irrelevant information on the website. Only the relevant piece of information should be shared with the visitors. Excess and redundant information can lead to waste of time of the visitor. In this situation the visitor may feel that he/she is being fooled and may get irritated to. The website and especially its layout should be simple and easy to understand.

Search engine friendly: What is the use of a shop with good interiors when there is hardly anyone visiting that shop? The website needs to be designed in such a way that it is search engine friendly and is indexed top in the search engine list. The higher the ranking in the search engine list more is the traffic to that website.

Flash: The use of flash should be limited. This is because it is not compatible with the platforms of Internet explorer. On the other hand the use of flash is needed to make the images look attractive. In some of the website the embedding of images is mandatory to convince the buyer about the appearance of the product.

Content: The text content of the website should be simple and easy to understand. The main phrases and headings need to be in bold. The text size should be readable by the visitor, especially when majority of the target audience is elder and have to use spectacles to read the website content.

Compatibility:  The website needs to be compatible with the different operating systems in the various internet browsers. It is possible that the website may look very good when accessed through Mozilla Firefox but not accessible through Internet Explorer. The website may look different on different browsers. The compatibility of the website needs to be checked before getting it hosted.

Contact details: The element of doubt can stop the visitor from getting converted into a buyer. Are you going to trust a business without any physical address? This implies that the physical address and contact details needs to be mentioned on the website to reinstate the element of trust in the mind of the prospective buyer.

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