Ways to determine a reasonable moving quote

Ways to determine a reasonable moving quote

If you want a smooth moving, look for a licensed and insured mover. But most of the people choose moving companies on the basis of their quotes. They are unaware of the fact that going with a less expensive moving company will end up paying in frustration. Some of your delicate things may get scratched or damaged by hiring cheaper and less trustworthy movers.

Usually all the professional moving companies London will give you an estimate on how much it would cost you to move your possessions. You first thing while planning to seek a professional help from a moving company is to get an accurate quote, to avoid any kind of dispute towards the end.

Research a lot before hiring movers London. You may check their history with the Better Business Bureau for complaints. Following steps should be taken to get an estimate from the moving company before you enter into any agreement with them.

Inventory of the items

Usually moving companies base their quote on the weight of the items, if your move goes over 40 miles. It also depends upon the number of items that are required to pack at the time of moving. So, it is better to make a list of items to be moved. Some good moving companies send their representatives to the homes to be moved, to make an inventory of items, so that they can offer you an accurate quote. Always ask for a copy of inventory and counter check whether all the items are included in it.

Weight and shape of things

Heavy things will cost more while moving. For instance, books may not consume much space while loading onto a truck, but too much of them can make a box weigh about 50 pounds, consequently augmenting the cost of the move. Similarly, odd shaped things, which require creative skills to move also, cost more. Sometimes, a piece of furniture with a weird shape is taken out of a window, instead of a narrow staircase. Moving a piano may require third party services, leading to an increase in the total estimate of the move.

Compare quotes from various companies

Get as many quotes from different companies as you can. Compare them on the basis of the facilities being provided by moving companies London. This way, you will not fall into the trap of companies which are charging a much higher price than the going rate in the market.

Ask whether the moving company is charging for additional services like insurance, fuel and staircase. Feel free to ask as many questions as you can before finalizing the deal. A good moving company will whole heartedly satisfy all your moving related queries.

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