Waeranga trail ride panorama

Waeranga trail ride panorama

MR Motorcycles Waeranga school fundraiser dirtbike trail ride Sunday 5 April 2009.

Best to click on "all sizes", then "original" then scroll across. (this is a small version of the real original – created from 4x21MP images stitched together). I can see 12 dirtbikes in the full sized panorama.

As I arrived, late (as usual), the meat wagon (ambulance) was returning. It was re-assuring that it was there, but disconcerting that it had been busy. As I signed on the lady said to be careful as there had been a few casualties (she probably noticed that I was no youngster and would probably not bounce and recover as well as the young guys and gals). Hmmmm…

You start, right beside the carpark, with a wide and fairly deep river, with big rocks, and a slippery exit that goes straight up a steep twisty hill that goes on for 2kms. Then it gets harder! Yes, you know you are on a MR Motorcycles ride!

It was excellent, with all the usual ingredients, including many stream crossings – one a triple stream crossing where the river meanders. I almost lost it last time around the 30k (exactly on my computer) loop, exiting the last crossing of the triple, which was steep with big wet rocks – the steering damper, I’m sure, saved me. The signs and markings, including distance travelled, were perfect.

A few uphills were a challenge and a bit scary on my CRF250R, grovelling with one leg on the right peg and the left one sticking out and expecting to endo on the next big bump. I think my XR400 might have made it easier, ‘cause I could have gone slower without risk of stalling. I stalled a couple of times on slow tricky bits – that would not happen with the XR. But, I loved the light CRF250 and the wheelie power. The suspension is also way better, in a different league when I go hard, but still a bit harsh when I’m going slow over sharp bumpy cow tracks with current settings – will turn out clickers more.

Throughout the trails there were many dangerous steep drop-offs, some beside slippery bits where springs came out of the bank – a bit scary. There were also some lovely native and twisty bush tracks with some roots but no real hard bits.

I clocked 97kms per hour on one of the many great fast open country bits with perfect natural jumps for the brave – I did get a little air (outside my tyres that is)!

The scenery was postcard NZ hilly farmland on a perfect day – as you can see. You can even see some bikes raising dust near the top of the hill. It was a great ride.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention – I stayed on today – just.


(Lewis my son still has a front brake problem so missed it).

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