Video Splitter: Replication of video signals on multiple displays in real time

Video Splitter: Replication of video signals on multiple displays in real time

Signals from a single source can be relayed on multiple display devices simultaneously and in real time using a Video Splitter. This device has the ability split the signal, amplify it and relay it on various devices. The resultant images are crisp and clear without any loss of data and it appears as though each display is individually connected to the source. Available in various models categorized on the basis of video signals they support, the basic model of this device is the VGA splitter. More advanced models include the DVI Splitter, Quad Video, VGA & Audio Video, S-Video, Component Video, HDMI Video and Composite splitter. All models are available in different sizes such as 2, 4, 8 and 16 ports.

The distribution amplifier units can also be cascaded to display the images on up to 90 monitors. Compatible with PCs, SUNs and MACs with VGA Video, these splitters support UXGA, SXGA, XGA, and VGA resolutions along with DDC, DDC2, and DDC2B protocols. Easy to install and operating on simple plug and play functionality, this device functions by connecting the transmitter to the computer and the output of the receiver to the display devices. Once the connections are secured and the unit powered on, the signals can be relayed. They do not require any additional software or device drivers for operation.

Other key features of the video distribution amplifier units are its small and compact size, low power consumption, locking connector for cables, agency approvals from CE, FCC and RoHS, multi modes of control such as front panel push buttons, RS232 and Infra red remote control and power status indication through LEDs. While the basic models can relay the signals up to 65 meters, the models using category cables for securing connections can extend the distance of transmission up to 900 feet. These units can also be combined with a video switch to form a video matrix switch that transmits signals from multiple sources to multiple displays.

Wherever there is a need to share information on multiple screens at the same time, the video splitter comes handy. For this very reason, it is highly demanded for digital signage applications, bus, train and air terminals, hospitals, financial and educational institutions and commercial establishments.

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