Urbanization patterns and energy utilization

Urbanization patterns and energy utilization

Urbanization patterns and energy utilization, transportation conditions exist. Every time a new energy development and utilization, brings a different energy-transport system and a different pattern of urbanization, and the economic and social development of a new leap forward. Throughout the United Kingdom and the United States of urbanization models are based on the energy-transport system evolved: the leading energy forms, depending on the lead in the development, use, and rely on the global energy and transport technology revolution, established the National Foundation for the industry, and thus in achieving economic and social development of the first-mover advantage, and leads the development trend of the world. The phenomenon of mass urbanization in the industrial revolution. The Christian Louboutin Shoes was the first large scale mining and use of coal, which is also the world’s earliest finish city of the country. Those older, larger and coal exploitation of mining areas, towns, Birmingham, Manchester and other cities of industrialization, the coal base and gradually developed. To the 19th century, to coal as fuel steam engine widely adopted, the combination of coal and steam coal industry caused by technological innovations, transportation. The continuous expansion of the scope of transport, called steam locomotive can reach any place in the establishment of stable coal supply base. So the British established a huge “coal station” networks, energy supply for socialization. At the same time, the widespread use of the steam engine, improving transport efficiency, making it possible for long-distance transportation.

The use of coal, energy supply, social networking and the use of the steam engine, resulting in energy-transport system, a system for promoting the city and the economic links between rural and urban areas, resulting in a population to urban migration and concentrated, and the status of a transport hub cities and towns to be able to quickly grow, resulting in a large number of big cities. In 1851, the British urban population has reached more than 51%, rural population, the United Kingdom to become the world’s earliest finish city of the country. American energy-transport system and pattern of urbanization is actually copied the British model. 50 years of the 19th century, large-scale exploitation of petroleum resources and access to commercial operations. 1883, DaimlerChrysler of Germany (Daimler) successfully created the world’s first vertical gasoline internal combustion engine, the Wedding Shoes combination of internal-combustion engine oil and re-throw the oil industry, transport and technology innovation. The extensive use of petroleum, gasoline and diesel engines of internal combustion engine and the invention of the automobile industry’s development, contributed to the second national transportation system a road and vehicle combination of extensive transportation infrastructure system. In the United States to establish an oil as the core of the system of transport infrastructure, it also built the world’s first automobile-centric economic, but also formed a group to Detroit as the representative of the automotive industry in the city.

Car popularity, the city’s geographical scope to the suburbs, the suburbs becoming big cities of subprime residential and commercial centres. Big cities and suburbs urbanization, makes us metropolitan areas are connected into a megacity band. American oil-diesel vehicle system and large city model become the advanced mode, and to gradually replace the British model. 30 years of reform and opening up, China’s rapid economic development. But energy transport system, basically still carried in the United States, for representatives of developed countries, China’s urbanization patterns is increasingly Americanized. Taking into account the constraints, energy resources, as well as the economic capacity of the environment and sustainable development capability, it is not possible to repeat the American energy transport system and urbanization patterns. Thus, relying on smart grid system of distributed electricity generation from renewable energy, will become an important source of electric power supply. The development of Louboutin Sale renewable energy will gradually change the structure of China’s energy consumption, a smart power grid construction, distributed energy access as well as the electricity supply network will change the way of China’s energy supply. Based on renewable energy in electricity supply, to become China’s energy-transport system.

Changes of energy supply will cause a change of transport mode, and electric vehicles based on high-speed rail transport mode, and will promote new urbanization process. From single line pull on the construction of high speed railway lines to speed up the process of urbanization of the cities along the optimization of resources allocation along parts, drive along the city’s industrial development, from multiple lines for the construction of the high-speed railway network on regional economic pull, high-speed railway construction in favour of the establishment of cross regional urban circle, changing population and resources to an excessive concentration of large cities, promoting the coordinated development of regional and urban and rural areas. Intelligent power grid construction makes the electricity supply network of electric vehicles will be possible, because of the seamless coverage of the “quick-charging station” network building. However, under the present technical conditions, rapid charging facilities construction costs. If you want to improve charging efficiency, shortening the time of charging, charging the Discount Christian Louboutin cost will be exponential growth. If you take into account the technical requirements and the cost of two factors, the charging time will be greatly extended electric vehicle will not be able to become a long range transport, are more likely to become the city’s internal transport. Therefore, the family’s main means of transport may gradually changed to fuel cars and electric cars (including plug pure electric, hybrid hybrid electric vehicle, electric vehicles to become an important supplement domestic traffic.


Urbanization patterns and energy utilization, brings a different energy-transport system and a different pattern of urbanization

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