UrbanEdge Homes Builds “Green” Homes

UrbanEdge Homes Builds “Green” Homes

December 1, 2010 – Victoria, Australia – UrbanEdge Homes – one of the leading eco builders in Australia has built affordable homes that conform to standards set forth by HIA Greensmart which promotes practical and durable environmental solutions for home and land packages.

As reputed eco builders , UrbanEdge Homes have committed to providing sustainable energy efficient solutions. UrbanEdge Homes has been building affordable homes which adhere to HIA Greensmart standards. Melbourne home builders from UrbanEdge Homes have been doing it for the past two years in order to save cost of energy and to conserve the environment.

UrbanGreen, the new environment-friendly home range designed by Melbourne home builders from UrbanEdge Homes has accomplished sustainability by using the latest energy efficient and environmentally sustainable principles. The UrbanGreen range has combined standout design with environmental excellence to achieve a minimum 7-star rating or higher which contrasts to 5 star rating that typical UrbanEdge Homes achieve.

UrbanGreen Homes are characterized by proper solar orientation, home insulation, cross-ventilation, thermal mass, window sizing, placement and shading, solar water heating, appliance efficiency, water conservation, rain water collection, efficiency of water use and healthy house plans. Energy efficient and environment-friendly, house and land packages of UrbanGreen type can reduce carbon foot print and offer long-term cost savings without compromising the style and sense of home.

Eco builders from UrbanEdge Homes will need to hear from their clients before building HIA Greensmart Homes in order for the clients to make the best informed decisions based on budgets and expectations. Clients can discuss their plans for UrbanGreen Homes with one of the sales consultants from UrbanEdge Homes.

For more information, visit http://www.urbanedgehomes.com.au/

About UrbanEdge Homes

UrbanEdge Homes is a real estate developer with business operations in Victoria and Queensland, Australia. They offer architecturally designed homes suited to a variety of homebuyers. Homes designed by UrbanEdge Homes can be incorporated with the personal preferences of the homebuyer in accordance to their needs.



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