Urban Water Management Water Saving Call – Marble texture – Mosaic texture

Urban Water Management Water Saving Call – Marble texture – Mosaic texture

Some water experts recently pointed out, the majority of our region is a “multi-leader” water management, water works owned water department, water distribution and sewage treatment facilities are urban construction and environmental protection are two things that greatly hampered China’s cities play the role of water-saving mechanisms in some places even more water to encourage residents to the event. Experts believe that the establishment of sound water management system integration is the process of China’s urban water problems need to be resolved

According to reports, the 14th in China in 2001 “China Water Week” and the theme of “saving society to achieve sustainable development”, advocating the residents to save water, so water from the development, use to control recycling presents a virtuous circle. The main function may be responsible for the water sector is faced with the embarrassing situation: “Whether the water supply pipe, regardless of water drainage pipe, tube drainage of both pollution control, control pollution of the matter back to use.”

First of all urban water supply sector in using water is not high, and even water users to reduce water consumption, but also affect the water supply enterprises in direct economic benefits, so the new urban and industrial water-saving devices and new technology to promote slow, even in some places because of the water sector aging facilities, resulting in leakage waste, increase the use of direct water to make up for losses.

Second, the emissions of waste water and water supply in direct proportion to the environmental protection department hopes to minimize water users so as not to increase water treatment costs. But the water sector is not responsible for sewage treatment, I hope more water, increasing water revenues, water-saving awareness is not strong, as some local environmental protection departments try to add links in the supply of specialized waste water treatment surcharge to meet the increased sewage treatment capacity and water conservation purposes, because of water supply and sewage treatment each have their own “husband”, operate difficult.

Third, water sector management of water, big investment, but the use of water resources proceeds mainly in the water sector, resulting in charges related to water resources can not be implemented. Some water companies such as Jiangxi Province, said the price of non-water resource fee, there are few cities in charge of groundwater resources for urban construction sector off the table.

Experts believe that our country is not quite reasonable that water resources management system, saving the city bring a range of issues, greatly reduced effect for water conservation work.

To solve the above problem, experts say the city should proceed from the overall look at saving on the existing water management system reform, the original water conservancy, urban construction, municipal, and environmental protection departments of the relevant functions of wading stripped out, set up a unified water management expertise institutions, the optimization of water resources rational allocation and sustainable use.

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