Urban Street Style Trends for the 2011 AutumnWinter Season

Urban Street Style Trends for the 2011 AutumnWinter Season
Neo Nature

Neon and artificial were yesterday’s news. More and more people are rediscovering their love of nature and with it their longing for natural and down-to-earth simplicity. Many people are getting into the “green” vibe. They do not want to just be content on exploring the world in front of their computers. They want to experience the reality and beauty of nature. This is the feeling that has inspired rustic woodsman looks, playful cowgirl styles or aristocratic landlord designs. Coarse knits, fluffy wool and rustic flannel shirts symbolize nature. Looks in this street style theme specially feed on footwear. They are thoroughly worked on and they tell a story. Wellingtons look as if they had already gone through a number of muddy open air heavy metal concerts. Robust mountaineering and workwear styles feature chunky eyelets, thick lace-up details and distinct seams. The inspirations draw on outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and hiking.

Eclectic Ethno


Folklore and ethnic influences throughout the world, especially authentic styles, determine this street style theme. The look feeds on both African, Asian and South American inspirations. Influences from Morocco, Japan and the Andes are evident in the magnificent prints and ornaments. Plus, lambskin boots, fur-lined mukluk moccasin boots, ankle boots with knitted cuffs and braided Oxford shoes are shoes designed to echo craftsmanship and preferably a mix of all of these elements and styles. This is what modern nomads look like.


Retro Romantic

The “good old days” where telephones with a rotary dial used to ring in the living room are on everyone’s thoughts these days. Even though fashion and zeitgeist have become ever more realistic over the past years, there is a longing for a better world. In street style fashion, this feeling is echoed by oversized coats, soft and comfy boots and huge, homely pullovers to which wearers can literally “retreat.” Nostalgia is a style-defining element here. After tough themes such like glam rock and military, a new romantic wave is now emerging. Country lasses plod through the snow with swingy dresses and clogs. These serve as the blueprint for next winter’s reinterpretations like furlined ankle boots. The new midi skirt hemline—beautifully retro—is combined with playful T-strap shoes or tassel loafers.

Sophisticated Seventies

Bellbottoms, long skirts, velvet and cord, rust and brass—the 70s are making a comeback, but still sophisticated with a Studio 54 glam slant rather than with a boho chic or hippie style. This trend needs not to be taken too seriously because it is sometimes very opulent not to say kitsch. It is an attempt to create a counter pole to all the rustic and rugged styles. Not everything is dead serious. Women are no longer afraid of head-turning overknees and proper one, two or three-layer platform shoes that are visible from outside and even in contrasting colors. Color is a key component for this theme in any case. Strong, rich tones are mixed with gold and silver. Snake and crocodile are in evidence again preferably in patterns that are colored, metallized and patched with each other. Patent is also back. The motto for heels: keep going strong. Otherwise, shoes do not look modern. For men, classics are made to look 70s style, which is why wing tips come in python, and why not?

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