Urban Management Can Bring Digital Security Video Surveillance System

Urban Management Can Bring Digital Security Video Surveillance System

Refining waste oil “black spots”, and get the building in the danger area of the garage, 3.3 million high-voltage power under the pine bark shed … … Last week a week, 10 cases of illegal construction and Security Hazards such as lightning speed as by-side. “It’s in the past, that simply can not do something.” The new Environment, Transport and the City Shunde District Branch of the responsible person Ronggui Authority, told reporters yesterday.

Behind a substantial increase in administrative efficiency is the most reform Shunde issued under the authority departments to promote the integration of the strong. However, from the survey found that a large number of executive power and decentralization of services and integration, but also to the management of grass-roots pressure on the city doubled, and because the focus of many previously not Detect , Testing, decision-making process, is also facing new technical challenges.

Administrative law enforcement record “of the most beef speed”

According to reports, the newly formed sub-combination of Ronggui Environmental Protection , Transport of water governance, sanitation, landscaping, urban management and many other administrative functions, a total of one integrated office and eight functional units, a total of more than 200 staff.

Enforcement authority delegated with administrative functions consolidated, multi-sectoral consult the previous cumbersome reporting, check processing, streamlining all aspects of communication and coordination. Street Party Working Committee members act as Secretary, people, financial, and material equipment of harmonization, and rapid decision-making; be multi-sectoral collaboration, the staff from the call to study the decision-making, the task assigned to the rapid implementation, no a lot of block; law enforcement large cross-sector, so that law-enforcement officers from the former only a single enforcement authority, and now have a comprehensive law-enforcement authority, problems encountered can be directly related to intervention, rapid monitoring, prompt treatment.

Is the result of integration and efficient administration and services has increased significantly. Received before the fumes, noise pollution complaints from the urban management department needs to Environmental protection Sector, further environmental monitoring stations applying for examination to determine the pollution problems are then coordinated by the environmental protection departments for processing by multiple departments during the work process is often time-consuming. “Now as long as the complaint and found the problem, we can bring testing equipment to investigate, found that excessive regulation can be dealt with promptly in accordance with law, may shorten the time for more than 10 times.” The official told reporters.

Address the problem of illegal land use and zoning and building regulations, the effect is more evident. The person in charge, from the foot in the demolitions of action can be seen, since most of the system has been on the demolitions of illegal construction of multi-sectoral complicated by the previous inspection approval to the responsible units are developed by the Program , Approval can be organized by the demolitions of action. Time also increased from one month or even longer, shortened to less than a week now.

According to statistics, from January to April this year, the Environment, Transport and the City Shunde District Branch of the Authority received complaints related Ronggui 1278, compared with nearly 20% over the same period last year, but the treatment rate up to 100%. Just last week, hundreds of officers Ronggui branch organizations, small watercourse located guizhou S beetle Wei ? Nickname? II ? Companion back? 0 to force the removal of illegal buildings, demolitions in the area of more than 10,000 square meters, known locally as “the most historic cattle Ronggui speed.”

Shortage of challenges facing the task more important

According to statistics, only from this year April 10 to May 14 a month or so, the Environment, Transport and the City Shunde District Branch of the conduct of the Authority Ronggui 7 large-scale land clearing and illegal demolitions of illegal construction action, the staff were mobilized more than 1,500 people, removal of illegal structures 30, an area of more than 30,000 square meters. According to reports, each on-site operations personnel to work from the end of organization, basically has to spend a whole day. According to incomplete statistics, the past month, average per day per staff member for more than 12 hours.

Learned in the interview, the Executive is one of the working process.

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