Urban Heat Energy And Environmental Protection, 2009 International Forum Will Be Held

Urban Heat Energy And Environmental Protection, 2009 International Forum Will Be Held

All the units: For the implementation of “State Council’s decision on strengthening energy conservation” energy conservation and the Chinese city’s overall plan for the implementation of energy saving Reduction Scientific development goal, strongly promoting the city heating system, energy saving, emission reduction transformation, strengthen leadership, management, and comprehensive energy efficiency and enhance the heat Environmental protection Management and improving service quality heating, the formation of energy-saving environmental protection, municipal management mechanisms, classification sub-sector economy, safe, clean and efficient urban heating Heating System, government departments, Architectural Society of China Building Energy Power Branch Chamber of Commerce and the Beijing Municipal Industry and Commerce jointly held residential real estate, “City Heat, 2009 International Forum on energy saving and environmental protection.”

Policy information from this forum, technical resources, and other cities to introduce participants the latest information. Designed from the energy saving, environmental protection, urban management from the perspective of the overall economy from the industry and the harmony of economic development perspective, the urban heating systems in recent years the technology used, the product should be straightened out, integrate efficient and practical energy-saving environmental protection technologies and products, and the formation of products, technologies, catalog, and increase the heating economy in the proportion of urban development.

Session, saving the city also issued technical guidelines for the general real estate development company, design a reference. Heating Association also invite experienced experts in the professional application of technology on the above results and evaluation of products, the formation of urban heat energy saving products directory, and create a city heating economic regions, and through the Forum platform to promote the real estate industry. Through this forum, we hope for the urban heating system, the technological transformation of energy and environmental protection work of opening a new situation.

Welcome to the heating units and well-known supply of energy saving and environmental products companies actively represented at the forum.

Hereby notify the Forum are as follows:

Topics: Heating energy saving system first Urban Forum

Sponsored by: Architectural Society of China Beijing Branch of Construction of Power Industry and Commerce Association of Residential Real Estate

Contractor: “Modern heating” Editorial

Forum Location: Beijing Political Consultative Conference Center

Forum time: September 10, 2009 -12 days

9 10 whole day to report, an expert committee convened at 3 pm meeting.

9 11 – 12 September Official Forum

6, the Forum content: See the International Forum on Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Unit and speak to speak a list of topics.

7, participants 1) the units and cities belonged to the real estate is mainly responsible for heating or send the relevant officers.

2) Architectural Design Institute of the persons concerned.

3) construction enterprises. 4) heating industry equipment manufacturers. 8, the joint report Media: Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua, People’s Daily, People, Consumer Daily, Popular Science reported that the Worker’s Daily, Reference News, Sina, Netease, search arc network, SouFun, the central TV Taiwan, Beijing TV, and 15 professional media.

9, transport arrangements Organizing Committee to provide tours of vehicles during the session, participants themselves and from other times. Click to download the 2009 City

heating energy and environmental technology international Guoyang “”

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