Urban Gardening Heirloom Bulk Vegetable Seeds

Urban Gardening Heirloom Bulk Vegetable Seeds
Vegetable and herb gardens are sprouting up in many metropolises. Chickens and other farm livestock can sometimes be seen as well. No, we’ve not been invaded by disciples of Ma and Pa Kettle or Jed Clampett and his Beverly Hillbillies. People are simply getting wiser about the food they eat, and trying to become a little more independent. This means, first of all, buying a large supply of bulk vegetable seeds — and non-hybrid, non-GMO organic heirloom bulk vegetable seeds are the best choice.
Big Agra employs legions of chemists and other scientists to tinker with the genetic formula of bulk vegetable seeds. Sometimes this produces new strains that have certain advantages – indeed, some GMO projects have kept large populations from starving. But organic bulk vegetable seeds are obviously superior in the form nature intended. They can be saved, replanted, and used for generations. The produce they offer is full-bodied and exceptionally potent nutritionally.

In planning a garden of any size, it’s important to select bulk vegetable seeds on the basis of cross-pollination compatibility – but think of color as your most basic guidepost. The greater the variety of colors in your garden and on your dinner table, the more enjoyable your meals will be, and the healthier your lifestyle will become. Bulk vegetable seeds are available for vegetables spanning the visible spectrum. All of them are good, all of them are tasty, and all of them are worth growing yourself.

Although they’re legumes rather than vegetables, bean seeds make a good addition to any urban homesteader’s garden. They are nutrient-dense and very easy to grow, store, and cook. Planting beans next to other garden staples such as squash and corn – which are also good choices for your bulk vegetable seeds collection — will get an urban homestead off on a good start.

“Little House on the Metroplex” might sound a bit strange, but that’s a growing trend, propelled in large measure by the “locovore” perspective, which places a premium on locally grown food. The horrors contained in the typical household’s grocery bill have had an impact as well. Whether dictated by taste or necessity, urban homesteading is a trend that is likely to grow – and for those interested in starting a homestead, getting a good supply of heirloom bulk vegetable seeds is a good place to begin.

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