Urban Clothing: Getting to Know Rocawear Clothing

Urban Clothing: Getting to Know Rocawear Clothing

What is Rocawear Clothing?

Rocawear Clothing is an urban and hip-hop clothing brand and apparel that was founded by the hip hop artist Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z, together with his friend Damon Dash in New York City in 1995. Rocawear Clothing is a brand of choice of the street and hip-hop consumers. The detailed design and fashion cleverness of Rocawear creators has topped them for more than a decade now.

Why is it Such Called “Rocawear” Clothing?

Rocawear derived its name from Jay-Z’s music production company, Roc-A-Fella Records. What are the Products of Rocawear Clothing? The company’s apparels include shirts, shorts, jeans, jackets, accessories and other stuffs. Originally known for men’s apparel, Rocawear clothing line offers a wide array of selection for babies to adults; from small size to big size fit. Other “co-brands” of Rocawear Clothing include the State Property, Team Roc and Pro-Keds.

What are the Problems Encountered by The Company?

Rocawear has a strong grip on the fashion industry even after a few months of its inception. Apart from the company’s distinct and unparalleled designs, the owner Jay-Z is a big auxiliary to the company’s favorable outcome. In spite of the success, the company faced trouble when they were accused of using a tanuki (a raccoon-dog) fur in making it as a jacket material in 2007. As a result, the production of the item was stopped, and items were pulled out in the market.

How Successful is Rocawear Clothing?

Promoted by different artists, Rocawear clothing reached the hub cities. With over $ 700 million annual sales, Rocawear clothing is one of the trendiest hip hop clothing lines in the fashion history. Also known as ROC, Rocawear Clothing has reached coast to coast through marketing and advertising strategies, and licensing approaches. Now, the billion-dollar Rocawear clothing brand has reached global success, with retailers in different countries such as in Asia, Europe, America and Middle East. Rocawear products are sold at a fair price. In 2007, Jay-Z sold Rocawear to Iconix Brand Group for $ 204 million plus a $ 35 million pay-off if the brand meets specific targets for the next 5 years. Iconix Brand Group is a fashion brand group that manages and licenses brands to retailers. According to the Iconix, Rocawear is their largest acquisition deal. Jay-Z has continued to supervise the company. As concurred, Jay-Z will remain to be connected to the product development and marketing of Rocawear.

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