Truck, dust, and windmills in the sun

Truck, dust, and windmills in the sun

I heard this truck coming down the road and immediately turn my camera so I could catch the truck and the dust on the road. Had to do some adjusting to the F stop so was only able to get off two shots. This was the better one. Not much traffic on these narrow gravel roads, but coming up here we almost met a bigger truck head on that was traveling at a ridiculous speed for the condition of the road. I pulled over and waited for him to pass. Guess he was anxious to get home, or somewhere.

These are huge compared to the ones in central CA — at Altamont Pass.

From a news article written in July 2001

"The blades are mounted on a housing unit the size of a minivan and sit atop a massive tower about 165 feet high. Wind propels the blades, which turn a shaft that drives a generator. The electricity goes to an underground distribution line, where it is carried to the main substation.

The blades need a minimum wind of 7 mph to turn and start generating electricity at 9 mph. A computer shuts down the turbine if the wind reaches 56 mph."

"Each windmill has a footprint of about 40 square feet, which means much of the land remains useful for agriculture and grazing. ‘The cows can go right up and lean against them,’ Brown said."

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