Tri City Sunset

Tri City Sunset

So I need to apologize for being AWOL lately. Since my last post, I made a trip down to Dallas to attend a convention and to hang out with Matt Pasant & Dan Huntlly, got back and had a major variety show to produce and direct by the following weekend, and then I purchased a new 27 inch iMac as my 2007 model went on strike and decided that it could no longer get by with only 4 gigs of Ram which apparently is the max for that model.

So that brought about another two weeks of trying to move all of my stuff over from the old computer while purchasing Photoshop CS6 (Thank God for academic discounts) and Aperture to help me keep track of my ever growing library of shots. Now that the dust has settled, this is really my first chance to sit down and edit a few shots in almost a month.

The above shot was taken before all of that madness began. I saw this particular sunset beginning to set up in the late afternoon after a storm blew through, and I knew I couldn’t make it to the beach or Disneyland in time to grab a shot, so I threw my camera and tripod in the car and headed to Tri City Park, which is aptly named for being on the border of Fullerton, Brea, and Placentia.

Ironically, I was just telling Matt Pasant that the Nikkor 14-24 could be pretty lousy at generating sunbursts at times, but I guess this shot doesn’t really help my case.

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Posted by WJMcIntosh on 2013-04-01 07:02:16

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