Transparent Display ? Latest Trend in Digital Screen Era

Transparent Display ? Latest Trend in Digital Screen Era

Transparent display screens are the latest trend in digital screen era. As you know, with time, technology has been changing and new inventions are introduced. Some years ago, only simple televisions were available in the digital market world, after that flatrons were introduced in this market and then LCD & LED’s.  And now new technology is introduced in this market that is Transparent display. With the latest technology main focus is to provide energy saving gadgets, because energy saving gadgets plays very important role in mobiles and television sector. It has been noticed that in recent years, cutting-edge display technologies have brought us many new devices including thin and high quality Tvs, touchscreen tvs, smart window tv, and many more.

Transparent display screen provides various benefits to their users. They are available on ultra thin design and also they uses minimal power consumption. Another benefit is that display screens are available with small form factor and also transparent screen are great medium for powerful customer engagement. Transparent displays have many features like multi touch capability, switchable backlighting, custom enclosures, day/night capable display, more vibrant colors and many more. Samsung has introducing this new transparent display technology. Samsung introduced a 22-inch version last year. The latest in the Samsung line of transparent displays is the new 46-inch version.

Transparent display uses ambient light such as sunlight for illumination. It will consuming only 10 percent of the power to run a conventional LCD screen. Transparent display technology is used in computer display, television screens and mobile phones. These displays are flexible transparent and ultra-thin. They provide more quality and various new features and are very user friendly. Transparent film is sandwiched between two layers. One layer is metal cathode layer and one anode layer. The thin-film is named emissive layer. By applying current to the layer, light is emitted.These display screen provides more brightness as compared to the old traditional displays. Also with this durability is also higher. With this type of screens, you are able to see the images or view behind the screen.

Samsung introduced these transparent touchscreen displays. These displays are managed to offer the power consumption, brightness, color saturation, contrast benefits and also provides amazing effects. These display screens supports HD and can display 16.7 million variations of colors. Samsung’s 46-inch transparent display is a combination of touch screen computer and window. This display can perform a variety of functions familiar to tablet users. In this display there is a one application called blind app that blots out unwanted natural light. People likes this technology very much and this is also provides various benefits to the users. So, transparent display is becoming a latest trend in the digital screen era.

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