Top 5 Mobile phones of 2020

Top 5 Mobile phones of 2020

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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So here’s the list of top five mobile phones of the year 2020:

#5. The iPhone 11

Power by a 6.1 Inch Liquid Retina LCD display which has an HD resolution. The all new Apple iPhone 11 is a charm and dream device for many. It comes with the latest A13 Bionic chip which has the highest number of transistors in any phone in the entire world till date. It has a mammoth 8.5 billion transistors and Max CPU clock rate upto 2.66 Ghz.

This phone is a beast in itself. Power packed with Artificial Intelligence (AI) which features, face unlock within nano seconds combined by a neural engine which can take over any game or app which you can imagine of.

In simple words, this phone is not less than a powerful hand held supercomputer. Powered by many Apple™ US patents it comes with a 12 Megapixel camera, wireless charging and features such as being water & dust resistant.

Currently, in India, it is available at a price point of around INR 68000 for the 64 GB and INR 73000 for the 128 GB variant. Unlike it’s superior version, the iPhone 11 XS Max Pro, this one has only a dual camera system, however, you’ll hardly find any difference in the photo quality.

Moreover, it has the Apple’s™ fastest chip ever fitted in it. This comes in 6 new colors, 6.1

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