Through My Eyes… 49/365 (Missed Day)

Through My Eyes... 49/365 (Missed Day)


Day 49 is the first day I missed this year. Not something I’m of that proud of. This one is to make up for my missed day.

I was very sick and was in bed barely conscious for over 15 hours. Taking a picture was no where on my mind, unfortunately.

I haven’t been that sick in probably over 5 years.

Anyways enough about that…Here is my room, this is what I see every night when I watch my tv shows and when I process my photo’s. I used to sit at a desk and work on a laptop, but then I upgraded to a desktop with more power and speed. I hooked it up to my tv (which is no longer a tv, it’s my monitor hehe). I think once I move out I’ll get a nice desk, chair, and an actual monitor to work at. For now, I lay in bed and relax after working all day 🙂

This is also the room where most of my shots from this project were taken.

Posted by SteveBernier on 2009-02-21 23:10:23

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