Three Fat Burners That Can Radically Transform The Way You Look and Feel

Three Fat Burners That Can Radically Transform The Way You Look and Feel

Typical fat burners work in a two-pronged way to reduce fat and give you a leaner shape. At one end it gives people a contented full feeling that makes sure they have reduced appetite and on the other end it increases the rate of metabolism in the body burning calories at an increased rate. Majority of the burners available in the market are thermogenic in nature, meaning they increase production of heat in the body, expending calories, and improving insulin metabolism, which ensures that the stored up fat in the body is used. Most such burners of fat also improve mental ability to focus in people. There are a host of natural fat burners that are great way to begin a weight loss program.

For instance, bitter orange is an effective fat burner that contains a compound called synephrine. Consumption of extracts from bitter orange is known to increase the rate of metabolism and also the rate at which the body expends energy. The compound targets stored up fat in the subject’s body and uses it as a source of energy to generate and increased amount of heat in the body. Green tea is another natural burner of fat that has been proved to be extremely effective. The caffeine content of the brew increases the rate of metabolism and helps people work longer and harder. People who work out regularly should consume a cup of green tea before their sessions at the gym to improve their efficiency and to trigger a fat burning process in the body.

There are, of course, an increasing number of supplements that perform the same function and you could just get these over the counter drugs, instead of looking for the natural extracts. The top three fat burner supplements available in the market are:

PROXYLEAN™: This is a popular weight loss supplement based on the well-known fat burner ephedra. It works through the process of thermogenesis to induce production of heat in the body that in turn helps in the burning of calories. Apart from Ephedra Viridis the supplement also contains organic extracts like Synephrine and Caralluma, which help in suppressing the appetite and improving the fat burning process.

MAXOUT FX™: This supplement is also based on Ephedra. The Ephedra Nevadensis content of the supplement helps it suppress appetite and phenomenally increase energy levels. People, who workout intensively trying to build their body, can use a combination of Proxylean and Maxout to enhanced effects.

LIPOCARB 3X™: This supplement is a combination of Phase 2™ Starch Blocker and LipoSan Ultra™ Chitosan, and is a high-performance fat burner that works on food to neutralize starch and carbohydrate content, decreasing cholesterol levels in the blood and improving overall health in people.

These supplements have all been scientifically developed after intensive research and testing phases, and are your perfect solution when you want to lose weight quickly and efficiently.



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