Three Days

Three Days

During three days of July, I was going from the only hotel of the city of Estrela to an exposition at a college gymnasium, staying there from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM, just to promote a project of mine about computers and hardware, destined to educational purposes. The pictures shows my usual route in the winter mornings, the things that were on my path to finally found the Hanz Wirz Street and the college gymnasium.

Keywords: 2010, Black Dust, Business as Usual, Down Under, Estrela, Memories Series, Landscape, Photography, South America, The Fractured Puzzle, Winter.

Bosques de Mi Mente
"Copos de nieve"

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Tagged: , 2010 , Black Dust , Business as Usual , Down Under , Estrela , Memories Series , Landscape , Photography , South America , The Fractured Puzzle , Winter