Things To Remember Before Having Your Dvd Replicated

Things To Remember Before Having Your Dvd Replicated
Many Toronto residents can still recall a time when movie projectors lorded over their households. Home movie projectors were big and it took some time to set up, thats why most families only played these on special occasions. The machines were also costly and many households then couldnt buy it.

As technology developed, DVD players now emerge as the top movie player for commercial movies or even home movies. DVD players are affordable and most Toronto homes have these machines. Compared to past projectors, DVD players are smaller and have plug-and-play features for easy usage.

If you have a home movie and youre thinking of playing it in your DVD, ask friends to recommend a Toronto DVD duplication company. Your friends word can cut your search time in half because word of mouth is usually reliable. For important considerations when dealing with a DVD duplication company, try the following.

Number of copies

Sometimes having more copies is practical because many Toronto DVD duplication companies charge less for bulk copies. If the prospective company charges less for more copies, opt for this because you can always keep the extra copies and figure out what to do with these later. Just make sure that you have enough copies for the people you want to show the video.

Customized covers

Some Toronto DVD duplication companies may charge more if you want customized designs on the DVD and the DVDs cover. If youre willing to pay for extra charges, you can talk with the companys manager about the specific design you want. If you can draw, it might be a good idea to show them a sketch just so theyd know what theyll need to execute.


Remove any copyrighted clips from the DVD you want replicated. Some DVD duplication Toronto providers may refuse to replicate your DVD if they see copyrighted material on it. Although you may be willing to take the risk, the company may not because they could also be liable for copyright infringement. Remove the clips completely and replace these instead with other original video materials. By doing this, you decrease the risk of getting a refusal and getting caught for DVD rights violations.

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