Things to look for when considering CD and DVD replication

Things to look for when considering CD and DVD replication

It is undeniable that with plenty of companies undertaking CD replication these days, choosing between these different options has become exceedingly difficult. However, in order to narrow down the companies, you must be familiar with all the important aspect that needs to be considered when replication is being considered. For instance, if you take the size of your order into account, you may succeed in finding one of the suitable companies with ease. Ideally, if the company that you have chosen can replicate 1000 CDs or more at a cost effective price, you are heading in the right direction.

Once you have found a company that can provide you with a cost-effective option, you should ensure that the said company offers delivery free of charge. However, if you are considering CD replication, you should not solely focus on saving money, and overlook other important factors. Clearly, it is advisable that you ensure that the company knows its job well and can create their own professionally grown stampers from a custom-made glass master. Last but not least, make sure the company is able to print using various methods, ideally lithographic and screen printing, if they can’t it is likely that they are not a true manufacturer.

Meanwhile, if possible, do ask for check disks in order to ensure the discs have ben copied correctly to your original master. Furthermore, DVD replication is not much different, but may make you look for some additional things, with copy-protection being one of them. Obviously, if you are thinking about replication, you will want to avoid illegal copying, and it is in this situation that copy-protection systems are likely to come in handy. However, in order to play safe, you can also ask for discs with colored polycarbonate. At times, even Pit-Logo and sniffle discs may be your best bet, depending upon the requirement.

Importantly, you must understand that most of the companies are unlikely to undertake DVD replication for less than 500 copies as it is not cost effective; in most of the cases, you may have to resort to duplication for quantities lower than 500. Not to mention, duplication may also come to your rescue when you have more urgent and lower quantity requirements. Also, why not find out what kind of DVDs can be manufactured by the chosen replication company. Ideally, if the company is capable of replicating 12cm and 8cm DVDs, then you have more options and nothing to worry about.


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