The Weep Of Success

The Weep Of Success

The Weep Of Success

Life is full of success and it does not know failure.

There is no such word called failure in the dictionary of mind.

We by our thought processes create the word and face it’s consequences.

Thinking of success we can have it and loving it by our heart and soul we can acheive it.


Success wants love and tremendous affection from us.

It is nourished by our loving efforts and when we give effort it becomes happy.

The sweat of efforts arise on our forehead,which clearly indicate that we will have success..

With our sincereity and constancy of purpose success becomes happy.


The arms of success are always wide open for us.

It always wants to embrace us with all it’s might and strength.

It loves us and our life and it does not want us to weep in vain.

It is always there whispering in our ears that we are already blessed and there is no question of weeping.


Now the ball is in our court and we should know the art of playing so as to give more goals.

When we play magnificently success becomes very much happy and opens it’s arms.

After acheiving it it embraces us and gives number of kisses.

All our frustrations,despairs and agonies in the life’s journey comes to an end.


We are the manifestations of the Divine force and  all success is there inside of ourselves.

We should know how to tap the dormant energies within ourselves so as to acheive success.

By utilising the energy of thoughts,words and deeds we can move towards success.

Our life will be beautiful and we can experience the smiles of success.


Success is weeping and also smiling standing very near to us.

It is constantly watching all our efforts and it becomes worried when we go in a wroung way.

It always whispers us and says number of techniques to achive it.

We should realise the tears of success and accordingly advance on the life’s path to have it.


Success is a beautiful flower with beautiful fragrance and an enchanting smile.

It wants us to smile like it and have fragrance like it.

It wants us to have a beautiful mindset to have it.

It wants us to invigorate the thought processes so that we can acheive it and serve self and all.


When we make ourselves devoid of all positive things then it’s smile also fades.

It weeps,because it loves us like any thing.

When we give effort it kisses us and when we have it it gives innumerable kisses.

Our life’s journey becomes fruitful and in  between the arms of success we forget all our sorrows and griefs and have the smile of success.