The Unknown Advantages of Alkaline Water

The Unknown Advantages of Alkaline Water
“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water” – A famous quote by Albert Szent, the truth behind which cannot be denied.
However, much to our surprise, the normal drinking water that we use on everyday basis may not be healthy for our consumption. Researchers have now discovered alkaline water with an altered molecular structure in order to replace the harmful effects of normal water.
In the section below, Peter Goodgold, the famous water consultant talks about the various advantages of drinking water that is ionized and alkaline in nature –

Drinking ordinary tap water can make a person sluggish as it may lead to a feeling of heaviness. Alkaline water produced with the Ionic Oasis SP 750 water ionizer on the other hand is smoother and is easily digestible, making an individual feel lighter and active. The reason behind this is attributed to the molecular hexagonal structure due to which it is easily absorbed by the body.


One of the biggest functions of drinking water is to remove the toxins from our body. These toxins may cause harm to the body and may result in many diseases. Water that is alkaline in nature has more nutrients and oxygen that are delivered to the cells of the body that helps in promote rejuvenation.


Water that is alkaline or ionized helps to reduce the cooking time of meals and even enhances the various flavors of food. This means that food not only cooks faster but also tastes better in comparison to that which is prepared using normal tap water without a water filter.


Even the taste of normal drinks such as tea or coffee can be accentuated with the use of alkaline water, which means that every day you wake up to a cup full of aroma and color. Alkaline water just requires half the amount of tea leaves or coffee beans in order to be prepared.


The common vegetables and fruits that we eat on an everyday basis are generally laced with pesticides. Therefore, these pesticides form a thin film over the produce. Alkaline or ionized water produced with the Ionic Oasis SP 750 water ionizer can be used to clean them from the unhealthy chemicals, making vegetables and fruits healthy for eating.


Ionized or alkaline water also helps to restore the pH balance of the skin as well as the hair. The natural acidic pH of the skin is maintained at 5.5 and this results Ionic Oasis SP750 Water Ionizer in the prevention of many skin conditions that may affect the skin and the hair.