The reason is that urban living too centralized

The reason is that urban living too centralized

World Bank predicts that by 2020, China’s urban population more than 100 million of big cities will exceed 80. Earth knows that the first few years China has 180 cities are planning to put their own metropolitan urban internationalization. China’s urban construction is entering an unprecedented period of rising, this is the inevitable trend of economic development. However, I said many times, China’s urban construction must avoid taking the old West. Western 29 industrialized countries urbanization rate as early as a few decades ago reached 77%-78%, Western industrialized countries have already completed the process of urbanization. As of the end of 2009 the rate of urbanization in China reached 46% of urban population reached 6.07 billion, China’s urbanization is an annual Ugg Classic growth rate of 1%, to the end of the five 12 will be more than 50%, and in accordance with the present situation of China, the urbanization level should be more than 70%. Although urbanization is inevitable development of China’s economy, but if we can’t Western industrialized countries in the process of urbanization of the lesson, China’s future development will be exposed to a series of serious problems, the consequences would be unthinkable. The main problem is traffic congestion and urban waste, urban water supply.

The process of urbanization in the Western countries in the 1960s had a counter urbanization process, that is, before that, people from rural to urban, economic development is the process of upgrading from agricultural civilization into industrial civilization, the proportion increasing urbanization, which is the historical experience, is also the inevitable road to society. Urban civilization Cardy Boots is highly developed because urban residential focus, business focused, service industry developed, so people are willing to set in the city. However, with the development of the automotive industry, in the 1960s, the inverse process of industrialization, urbanization, which means that the people began to reverse by the city to the countryside, precisely, is close to the town in the city.

Inverse urbanization Counter-Urbanization earliest by the United States well-known urban planner Bailey first proposed in 1976. Its essence is the population concentrated in large urban centers of concentrated urbanization transformed into population to the satellite city suburbs. Inverse urbanization is very common in Western society as a whole, it is a city of sport develops to a certain stage, after the city appears excessive saturation. It is a city of remarkable performance, especially large urban Uggs Boots population reduction, large urban population of the country’s population began to decline. Inverse urbanization performance in Western Europe and United States. In the 1960s, the United States national 6100 million population of major cities with a population of 140 million, a decrease of 50-100 million population of major cities from 20 to 16. The 16 major cities with a population of 40 million reduction in the proportion of the population of the country from 12.2 percent to 9.7 per cent. Some Nordic and southern European countries, this phenomenon is in progress.

China thousands of years are agricultural civilization, the vast majority of people living in rural areas. Over the past few years with China’s economic development, more and more people begin to aspire to urban life, when the city became the majority of Chinese people or farmers dream. The climax of China’s urbanization has arrived, the urbanization process speed, the annual growth of more than one percentage point. Although urbanization has promoted the development of China’s economy, however, in accordance with the current trend of development, urbanization will give China’s future development lead to serious consequences. The first is the traffic problems. Every afternoon at five o’clock, the station in Beijing Chang an Street building in front of the window, you’ll find Cheap Ugg Boots automobile and automobile travel faster than the bear walking not much faster. Even the traffic jam has resulted in many people’s character changes. In fact, just the Beijing urban traffic congestion phenomenon seriously, in China many large and medium-sized cities of traffic are not smooth, the previous period Henan Zhengzhou has hired experts to its growing congestion of city traffic advice. At the same time, some small cities are starting to suffer from congestion of pain. It can be said that traffic congestion has become China’s urbanization process in General.

 more and more people begin to aspire to urban life, when the city became the majority