The Quake – El sismo

The Quake - El sismo

Dust rises from the cliffs after landslides tiggered by an earthquake at 12:18 pm this past Wednesday, July 9.

We were in the lab when the shaking began. Unlike the week before, I didn’t attibute this one to a passing truck. And when I looked up and saw our Peruvian colleague bolt for the door, I knew it was time to do the same.

It was still shaking when I cleared the door. I rounded the building in time to see our group hurrying toward the gate to the compound, with a pack of barking dogs close behind.

The only damage I’m aware of was to the cliffs seen here.

Only later did I realize I fled the lab with no thought whatsoever to grabbing my laptop computer or, more importantly, the hard drive.

Next time . . .

Posted by A.Davey on 2014-07-11 21:55:38