The Potter

The Potter

Some things are almost universal, they practically transcend every time and place. They are not dependent upon the current fad, fashion or marketing pitch. Such is the potter. The tools of his trade are basically the same today as they have been for millenniums. The potter sits down with the dust of the earth and forms and fashions it into a vessel which has function and practicality, yet possesses rustic beauty. We enjoy watching as they take a clay lump and skillfully transform it.

Several hundred years ‘BC’, the prophet Isaiah wrote, "O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand." His simple words help us understand our world; our place and position in the world; and our relationship to the One who placed us here.

Next time you watch the potter at work, contemplate what you are viewing… and let your understanding of this world expand with the clay.

Hand painted using digital pixels to reflect oil paint on canvas.

The artist is both professionally trained and self-taught in traditional art mediums… as well as utilizing the computer for yet another means to a visual end. The final result is computer art with the look and feel of traditional ‘painted’ art.

My subjects include the familiar world around us… nature in all it’s beauty; the four seasons; people; places; the effects of our involvement upon our world; the animal world; etc. I also accept special orders and paint custom subjects upon request… just contact me!

All limited edition, hand signed prints can be purchased. Please visit us at

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