the postcard project: bloomfield, new jersey.

the postcard project: bloomfield, new jersey.

the camera is in the shop, hopefully getting a proper cleaning, and i’m busy with all those things that you do after you move, like finally putting together a proper desk ( and by "put together", i mean procuring a flat, solid "door slab" that magically gets tranformed into a 30"x80" gigantic working surface )! and having a proper desk means i can finally take out things like printers and spare computers and, scanners! which means i can get back for the umpteenth time to uploading postcard project postcards. a few people have asked, but we still don’t have a new address to send cards, but that will hopefully change soon enough.

cristigirl, who i believe has since deleted her flickr account sent this nice card from bloomfield, new jersey.

[ see the postcard project slideshow and the postcard project/google maps mashup; visit "postcards from budapest" for the current postcard project address. ]

Posted by snowdeal on 2006-08-28 00:00:57

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