The PLACE Exam Conditions You MUST Replicate to Succeed

The PLACE Exam Conditions You MUST Replicate to Succeed

When it comes to ideal PLACE Test Preparation conditions, it might read a bit like a laundry list: find a quiet place to study.  Eliminate any distractions.  Get into a memorization routine to encourage memory retention.

While these study routines might help you grab a few precious PLACE exam points here and there, I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

…You’re not even close to optimizing the power of your PLACE test preparation.

The Best PLACE Test Study Guide Keeps Up With Cutting-Edge Science

That’s right – and I’ve got the science to back it up.  As a top university researcher and developer of a high-quality PLACE exam study guide, it’s my job to ensure that every PLACE test study guide I develop accurately reflects current science on memory absorption, retention and recall.  I turn these fascinating studies into bona fide test tips that help YOU skyrocket your Program test-taking IQ.

Not to mention put you on the fast-track towards your Colorado teacher certification!

And as a gift to you, I’m going to reveal some of the most recent studies that are inspiring me to teach potential teachers the right way to study.  Take a look at these research highlights, and see how it affects your own test preparation!

In a recent study by Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM), researchers discovered that patients with Alzheimer’s disease were better able to recall information when it was provided in the context of music.  This finding has doctors intrigued as to the role of music in enhancing the learning of new information in normal, healthy individuals.  So next time you gear up for your PLACE test preparation, why not put on some gentle classical music to study with?


Scientists in Japan have been exploring the role of smell in reducing levels of test anxiety, which is a common complaint for those attempting to pass the PLACE test!  The smells of lemons, lavender and coffee have been shown to decrease a rapidly beating heart and regulate breathing patterns.  The next time you start to feel a bit panicked during your review, try sniffing one of these scents to relax and calm yourself.


You might be tempted to use your PLACE test practice sparingly, but experts on human memory function from Washington University encourage otherwise.  In fact, in a study on testing and memory recall, students who were frequently tested on what they read after a brief five-minute reading period did much better than the study-alone students who were tested two days later.  It’s a powerful argument for consistent testing – just make sure that you have enough comprehensive practice exams to conduct this exercise!


The Ultimate Hallmarks of Ideal PLACE Test Preparation

So what should you take away from these intriguing new studies?

Simple: that ideal test preparation should be flexible and personalized.  If you find that you study better in silence, then don’t crank up the volume on your Mozart CD.  If frequent testing makes you uncomfortable, then use your practice tests sparingly.

But this isn’t just the final word on superior PLACE Test Preparation – in fact, check out to find out more!


Mark Robertson is a PLACE exam coach and creator of several innovative and powerful PLACE Study Guides .


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