The Passage of Time – Texture

The Passage of Time - Texture

this is my first texture – it was created completely by chance….

the story behind it is this: for my recent photography courses I had to print a lot of 4×6’s for my assignments. This was the first of a new batch after I had rebooted my computer. Of course I forgot to change the paper settings back to glossy so this got way too much ink on it. It looked fine at first but the ink was never drying and the image slowly degraded until it eventually turned into this fairly even purple colour. I left it sitting out and so as it dried it also collected loose cat hairs and dust. After 3 months or so, today I picked it up and it is dry. It occured to me that it would make an interesting texture for people who add textures to their photos, so I scanned it and here it is! Original size is 1755 x 1212 px @ 96 dpi. Let me know if any of you do something with it!

Posted by Redroom Studios on 2010-02-02 19:20:31

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