The other worker in the basement

The other worker in the basement

The other worker in the "basement" or the lower level of Expedit bookcase/workstation.

This is my Windows Home Server box. There’s no need for me to look at it hence why it’s in the "basement". Geez, I recently dusted the office about a week ago. I guess the fans draw in a lot of dust.

Again, I don’t have any heat issues with this setup but then again, it’s not as powerful as my main computer I use everyday.

Don’t mind the disassembled xbox 360 next to it. I’m waiting for my mini-itx board to arrive for the surgery to become my new htpc.

Well, here’s the specs of the server..

Lian-li v351 case
ASROCK K8NF4G-SATA II Socket 754 Mobo
AMD Sempron 3000+ cpu
1gig of ddr400 Crucial Ballistix
Rosewill gb nic
330watt Seasonic S12-II Bronze Power Supply
1tb Samsung EcoGreen Hard Drive

Only chews up 50 watts of power. <3

Posted by Nam Phan Photography on 2010-08-02 05:39:54

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