The Most Radical Aesthetic, Much More Than Tattoos and Piercing

The Most Radical Aesthetic, Much More Than Tattoos and Piercing

While tattoos and piercing are breaking into an increasingly open society, new and surprising forms of aesthetics are arising: the scarification and branding tattoos, the subcutaneous implants and the mutilation. Some of these techniques have thousands of years, such as the scarification, who have been practiced in cultures like the Maya since ancient times. Today, in capitals like Berlin, you can see more and more people with these new forms of extreme beauty.

Scarification Tattooing is one of the oldest tattoo techniques in the world. They make cuts in their skin with a scalpel in order to get scars in the shape of the desired pattern. Other American and African civilizations, as well as the Maya, see scarification as something aesthetic and beautiful. Today it does not other purpose than aesthetics, but some people think that this is a simply self-injury way.

With the branding tattoo people obtain the same results obtain as with a scarification tattoo, but with a different process: scars are obtained by applying some metal plates previously heated to the skin. This is a laborious and painful technique. In both cases they try to get a very bulky a scar in order to the tattoo look better, so people try to provoke wound infections for that purpose.

The subcutaneous implants are the most recently aesthetics pattern included in our society. The society is still very reluctant to this kind of ornaments, but in the United States they extend quickly, as once they the piercing did… This technique consists of introducing surgical supplies pieces under the skin to give it different forms: horns, stars, hearts, everything is valid! The arms, the head and the chest are the most suitable places to place them due to the elasticity of the skin.

Many people are against mutilation: some examples are the cuts in the tongue in order to look alike a serpent, or to sharp the teeth imitating a vampire … Any way of physical mutilation is good to look different!

What do you think about the extreme aesthetic? Is this fashion, madness or autoinjury? The controversy is served. But do not judge without knowing it, travel to Berlin and discover the most modern aesthetic trends. For your convenience, rent Berlin Apartments and enjoy the trip!

Diana Roig

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