The More Transparent The Better Types Of Jade – Jade Jewelry – Jewelry Industry – Precision

The More Transparent The Better Types Of Jade – Jade Jewelry – Jewelry Industry – Precision
As the “king of jade” jade has been the favorite for the Ms. Amy, now, with resources growing scarce emerald, jade price all the way up, high prices of up to millions or even tens of millions, from jade jewelry become a collectors collection of objects, then what kind of jade has a collection value?

Jade big price increases According to Guangdong Provincial jewelery and precious metals testing center owners Qing-Hong Guo introduced late last year and this year his year to the Jade exchanges and raw materials market research found both the finished product or raw jade, just six months alone has increased nearly 50%. Why are the prices of jade

the way up it? Qing-Hong Guo believes that Jade is extremely slow as a scarce renewable resource, is a little on the less resources face increasing scarcity situation. The Chinese people have a special love jade, jade market surge in demand, but also highlighted the value of jade.

Jade Cargo is divided into A, B goods, C goods, goods for the A, B goods, C 3 emerald price goods, Qing-Hong Guo remind consumers: buying goods Jade C generally not more than 12 hundred dollars Jade B goods purchased normally not more than 2000 yuan. If more than two prices, then the consumer is definitely suffer. The A jade goods are in good general ~ 30,000 yuan 20,000 yuan over.

Observe the color of jade is also a way to judge the value of jade, jade has a different color, the more common green, purple, yellow red, yellow and black, blue and so on. The various colors of jade prices will vary. In general, the color green for the best, the higher the saturation, the more concentrated the green, the more valuable. Saturation is low, lack of color is not transparent, green Talking about value is not high.

Qing-Hong Guo told reporters: jade collection in the industry with the popular saying: “outsiders colors look kind of experts.” Color, hulking guy, and other conditions being equal, adjacent between the two species, the price difference about double that.

Dry white jade no value to the collection
So-called “species” that is, the transparency of jade. Jade more transparent, the better seed. Jade from good to bad turn into glass species, ice species, oil species, soybean seeds, dry white, the higher the seed the better value to the collection, kinds of glass, ice species even without the green, it is worth collecting, and bean species dry white jade color, if not extravagant, not much green space, then there is no collection.

Jade jewelry and precious metals in Guangdong Province Quality Test Center test director in charge Headquarters Lung Chu said: “As ordinary consumers, and joined the line of investors to buy jade in the market is the safest, but if from an investment perspective to buy jade , the mall is more than the wholesale price point of your lot. If the collectors to long-term investment in Emerald, specialize in professional jewelry appraisal is necessary. Although the layman through the short-term training, and a level can not be compared to professional appraisers, but The price of all types of jade, or judging, and help determine authenticity. ”

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