The Good Old Days No.4

The Good Old Days No.4

Before 1980 the world was a dark and dangerous place for eggheads. Boffins shivered, like scared rabbits, in their corporate bunkers, developing newfangled solid-state electronics whilst above the landscape was ravaged as gangs of prog-rockers and disco-savages, waged war astride their battle-choppers and armoured skateboards. Later tribes of degenerate punk barbarians streamed down from the hills and butchered them all. Chaos ruled.

But then, with the dawn of the new decade it was suddenly cool to be a nerd. Techno-bunnies emerged from their concrete warrens, blinking into the sunlight, and set about creating a new world order from that chaos. Every techie played their part from the cleverest scientist to the bedroom coder. And in ten short years music was electronified and made perfect, all computer game and movie formats were developed – never to be bettered, the internet was born, genetics cured all illness and global communications brought about world peace. Dorks bestrode the Earth like, erm, geek-gods, people would swoon at their passing or turn away ashamed of their own inferiority. Yes, that’s exactly what happened.

Ah, the 1980’s. Truly a golden age.

Posted by Matt West on 2010-04-09 19:45:13

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