The glorious sun, the great icon, the cosmic superstar, the philosophical mentor of the human soul-the world leader, Fang Ruida —– (Spark Alex Rome 2011v.2.3)

The glorious sun, the great icon, the cosmic superstar, the philosophical mentor of the human soul-the world leader, Fang Ruida -----  (Spark  Alex Rome 2011v.2.3)

The glorious sun, the great icon, the cosmic superstar, the philosophical mentor of the human soul-the world leader, Fang Ruida —– (Spark Alex Alex Rome 2011 v2.3) ——————————————————————————————————————— — — ——————— Le soleil glorieux, la grande icône, la superstar cosmique, le mentor philosophique de l’âme
humaine – le leader mondial, Fang Ruida —– (Spark Alex Alex Rome 2011v2.3) God of power My early morning singing Through the cloud to reach the supreme Holy holy holy holy Compassion and Almighty Glory and praise Return to the trinity Holy holy holy holy All the saints revere Put down the golden crown Surrounding the shore of the crystal sea Thousands of heavenly army bow down Ode to the Lord Where ever before Forever in billions of springs Holy holy holy holy Darkness Sinner cannot look up Solemn. Christianity about the New Year ’s song. [One year a day] [Happy New Year] Into the new year Time flows like water, never looking back Ping An resigns from his old age, and Duo Meng is conservative Enter the new year and ask the Lord to double the blessing Enlighten China, all people return to Christ what! Jesus, ah! Benefactor I want to praise you forever Time flows like water, New Year is not wasted Seeking true knowledge, looking to the Lord Jesus Worship Sunday and present new poetry Life grows, truth is free what! Jesus, ah! Benefactor I want to praise you forever The Lord ’s love is like a stream of water redemption. Christianity about the New Year ’s song. Praise the Lord. Jesus, Mohammed, Sakyamuni, founders of the world’s three major religions, billions of believers worldwide. Christmas, Easter, Christmas carols, the Bible and so on are widely spread. Mankind has entered the 21st century, and the world has undergone tremendous changes. History is starting a new page. There are many great people who affect the world and change the world. From Jesus, Muhammad, Sakyamuni, etc. to the great people of the modern world, such as Newton,
Columbus, Nobel, etc., are praised or worshiped by hundreds of millions of people. Of course, there are no perfect people in the world. Globality, recognition, holiness, and universality are very important. The world ’s 8 billion people have different political, religious, cultural, belief, language, thinking, economic, educational, historical, ethnic, population, environment, etc. Therefore, to evaluate any historical person, it must be comprehensive and accurate, and must have selection criteria People with major controversies and differences can be avoided, but those who are generally agreed by all mankind, such as ancient religious leaders, scientific masters, philosophical thought leaders, literary masters, such as Newton, Einstein, Darwin, Nobel and many more. Mohammed Isaac Newton . Jesus .Sakyamuni . Confucius .Christopher Columbus .Albert Einstein Galileo Galileo .Aristotle .Charlie Darwin .Nicholas Copernicus .George Washington King Alexander .Napoleon Bonaparte .Thomas Edison Plato Ludwig von Beethoven .St. Augustine .Max Planck For the above reasons, the fairness and universality of the choice of world leaders are particularly important, especially to avoid people with controversial historical evaluation. Polarity and extremes must be eliminated, otherwise, it will arouse people’s resentment and unnecessary arguments. Reality and long-term nature should also be considered. Short-lived characters are also being avoided. . Great virtues are established, like the high mountains and the sun rising, people feel endless
happiness. Every morning the sun was shining, and La God began his tour of the world. The sun god … The praises of human blessings came from the earth, and everything in the world praised the great creator La God in the early morning. The sun god in ancient Greek mythology is Helios. According to Hesiod ’s "The Book of Gods", it is the son of Titans Hupperion and Thea, brother of the moon goddess Selene and goddess Eos It is said that he rides in the sky every day with four horses pulled by fire horses, from east to west, morning and evening, making the world bright. In the myths of later generations, he gradually merged with the light god Apollo. In Rome he was called Sol. Tenzhao the Great God is the ruler of Takamatehara and the Sun Goddess in Japanese mythology. She is regarded as the first ancestor of the Emperor of Japan today and the highest deity of Shintoism. The name of the mother of the Sun God in Chinese mythology. It is said that she is Di Jun ’s wife, and Di Jun gave birth to ten sons, all of whom are the sun (Jinwu). They live on the hibiscus tree in the eastern sea and take turns working in the sky. The legend of the sun god is found in many ancient nations in the world. The sun god represents the sun or the sun star king and becomes the personified god of the sun. The sun gods around the world are endless. Ancient Egyptian mythology: Ra, Atton, Atum, Kebli. Ancient Greek mythology: Helios, Apollo Ancient Roman mythology: Apollo Persian mythology: Mithra Chinese mythology and North Korea: Xihe (goddess), Jinwu Japanese mythology: the god of the sky (goddess) Nordic mythology: Sur Aztec: Vizilpo Chitley Inca Empire: Indy Brahmanism: Surya Buddhism: Sun, Sun, and Sun (Related to the Sun), Amitabha (Related to the Sun) Mythology Name Remarks African mythology Anyanwu Ibo mythology, it is said that he lives in the sun. Magec is concerned about human mythology and is also the god of light. Ngai God shared by the Kamba, Kikuyu and Marseilles. Arabic mythology Malakbel Aztec mythology Vizilpochetli is also the god of war. Nanahuatzin Tonatiu The ruler of the sky. Dyke Kutri is also a god of fire and heat. Brazilian mythology Meri Bororo national hero. Celtic mythology Alaunus Gaul mythology is also the god of healing and prophecy. Belenos Gaul mythology is also the god of healing. Grannus Gaul mythology is also the god of healing and spa. Lugh Irish mythology. Mug Ruith Irish mythology, also a storm god. Chinese mythology Eastern king The god in Chu mythology may be the sun god or the moon god. Taoism Sun Xingjun
Ancient Egyptian mythology Horus is also a god of sky, war and hunting. His left eye was once considered to be the moon, so it was also regarded as the moon god, but was later replaced by Kongs. Amon is also the god of wind and creation. Atum is also the god of creation, the head of the Nine Pillars. Arden There is no human deity, the only god advocated by Akhenaten. One of the forms of Khepri, which represents sunrise, is also the god of resurrection. Nefertem represents the first rays of the sun and is also the god of healing and beauty. The supreme god of ancient Egyptian mythology. Sopdu represents the summer sun and is also the god of war. Ptah is sometimes considered to represent the evening sun and is also the god of creation and art. Kunumu represents the sun at sunset and is also the god of creation and the Nile. Etruscan mythology Usil is equal to Helios of Greek mythology. Greek mythology Apollo is also the god of prophecy, healing, plague, archery, music and poetry. Helios is the former sun god. Xu Perion The first sun god, but also the god of light. Fanas is also the god of light and life, the primitive god in the Orpheus tradition. Hinduism Jain is also a god of fire. He is considered to be the sun when in the sky; thunder and lightning between the sky and earth, and flame when on the earth. Aryaman Midoro represents the morning sun and is also the god of friendship and contract. Ravi Savitr stands for sunrise and sunset sun. Surya, son of the sky god Teus, one of the twelve days of Buddhism. The Xitai mythology Istanu is also a judgment god. Inca myth Inti is also the patron saint of the Inca empire. Inuit myth Akycha Japanese mythology, "Tianhuo Mingming" is also an agricultural god. Lusitanian mythology Endovelicus is also a god of peace and health. Neto Libyan mythology, but also God of War. Māori Mythology Ao The embodiment of sunlight. Tama-nui-te-rā The Mayan mythology Kinich Ahau turns into a jaguar after sunset and runs in the underground world, the husband of Ix Chel, the goddess of the moon. One of the twin heroes of Hunahpu, Xibalba left the underworld and climbed to the ground without stopping; instead, he continued to climb until the sky became the sun, and his brother Ixbaranque became the moon. Tohil is also Vulcan, Thor and God of War. The Mesopotamian mythology Nergal is also an underworld god. Shamash is also a god of justice. To this day, Assyrians, Arabs and Jews still have his name as his surname. Utu Sumerian mythology is also the son of the god of justice, the moon god Nanna. Native American mythology Wi Lakota mythology, the father of the goddess of peace Wohpe.
The Nordic mythology Bader was also the god of light and was later killed by Loki. Dago’s incarnation during the day, the son of the god Dawn of Dawn. Frey Sun’s incarnation is also Feng Feng and the god of love. The Persian myth Nahundi is also a legal god. Philippine mythology Apolaki blinded her while fighting with his sister Mayari, the goddess of the moon, Mayari. Roman mythology Apollo Sol The Slavic myth Beloberg is also a god of light. Dyberg Hels The sun god in winter represents the weak and old sun; it will die once, but will resurrect on the day of the winter solstice to become the new god Koleda. Radegast is also a hospitality, abundance, crops and god of war, and according to some documents, he is also a god of fire, night god and evening sky god. Turkic mythology Koyash Aboriginal mythology of Taiwan Malataw Mythology of the Amis, the moon god in some areas Sun goddess Mythology Name Remarks African mythology Mawu Dahomey mythology, but also the goddess of the moon. Australian Aboriginal myth Gnowee In order to continue to find the missing son, the torch she is holding is the sun. Wala Wuriupranili The torch in her hand is the sun. Yhi is also the goddess of light and creation. Ainu Mythology Chup Kamui used to be the goddess of the moon, and later exchanged status with her brother. The Baltic myth Saulė is also the goddess of fertility. Basque myth Eki protector of mankind. Buddhism Moritzia is also the goddess of sky and light. Canaan Mythology Shapash Celtic mythology Áine Irish mythology, but also the goddess of summer, love, wealth and power. Étaín Chinese mythology Xi and the mother of ten Jinwu (sun). The Etruscan mythology Albina is also the protective goddess of dawn and lovers. Thesan is also the goddess of dawn and a new life. Ancient Egyptian mythology Bast is also the goddess of cats, war, lower Egypt, guardian and moon. Secmat is also the goddess of creation of war, plague and desert. The Nordic mythology Sur is swallowed by Scuol at dusk of the gods. Su Na After the dusk of the gods, the sun goddess of the new world reborn. Greek mythology Electryone is also the goddess of morning and wake. Eos Hupperion and Thea’s daughter. Open the east gate every day and let Helios come in by Japanese car. West Taiwan Mythology Arinna
The Hindu Saranyu is also the goddess of cloud and dawn. Inuit mythology The sister of the moon god Igaluk Igaluk. Japanese mythology Tenzhao Great God, the highest god of Shinto, created the daughter of the god Izano Nozun. Polynesian mythology Atanua Marquesas mythology is also the goddess of dawn, creation, ocean and river. Atarapa is also the goddess of dawn, her name itself is the meaning of dawn. The Sami mythology Beiwe is also the goddess of spring, richness and wisdom. Slavic mythology Zorya Utrennyaya One of Dyberg’s two daughters, representing the morning star; is responsible for opening the door every day to allow the sun chariot to leave the palace. Together with her sister, she is called Zorya. Zorya Vechernyaya One of Dyberg’s two daughters, representing the evening star, is responsible for closing the door every day when the sun chariot enters the palace. Aboriginal mythology of Taiwan Ina (Ina) Myth of the Amis, the mother of the earth, is also called "the mother of the sun" Another identity of the original Sun Maswan. Maswang / Ci macidal Amis mythology, primitive sun. Mehasele / Ci locidal Amis mythology, the sun goddess, symbolizes the "sun in the daytime". Quoted from "Wikipedia" As mentioned above, we can see the great influence and historical inheritance of the sun god, and the human admiration and worship of the sun god. From pure natural science research, the giant of the sun How important it is for all mankind on earth. Of course, science belongs to science, myth belongs to myth, and the two cannot be compatible. Today ’s world is not a mythological world in the age of ancient ignorance, but a world of science, spaceships, computers, genetic engineering, and atomic energy that opened up in the ancestors. Therefore, people praise the sun, sing the sun, and have new ideas. It is commendable. ,
Fang Ruida-world-famous scientist, philosopher, thinker, writer, sociologist, astronomer, religious scientist, poet, inventor. Fang Ruida was born in Shanghai in 1950. He used the names Fangda, Yu, Yu, Lu Yu, Fang Ruida, Tang Haijiang, Xu Guokai, Gu Linyi (alias, pseudonym, etc.). In the early years of studying and researching lectures in Europe, the United States, Russia, and other countries, he used English pseudonyms, such as the pen names of “Smith” and “FD Smith,” and he mainly wrote articles under pseudonyms. Do not use this pen name. Traditionally, he mostly uses other pen names. Fangda and Fang Ruida are the most used ones and they are still using it. Most people in the world use Fang Ruida as their
name. Most of the works written by Fang Rui Da are named after this, and there are few "Smith" signatures among them. Many people also rarely know that his English pen name is "Smith." Fang Ruida used this name occasionally in social studies, research, or commercial work in Europe, the United States, Russia, Japan, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, and other countries, mainly socializing or writing. He has many colleagues and friends all over the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Australia, and others. His English name is just a kind of hobby or whim. Because, writing essays and writing articles, scientific exchanges, and academic exchanges often use English as a language. Therefo re, he used Smith’s pseudonym. This is a pseudonym, not an alias, nothing more. However, some people were very impressed with him, so he often called him "Smith, born in Shanghai on May 14, 1949. World-renowned physicist, astronomer, cosmologist, astronomer, geologist, biologist, mathematical logician, medical scientist, inventor, philosopher, thinker, sect mathematician, economist, A writer, sociologist, anthropologist, composer, he studied in Europe, America, Russia, Japan, France, France, Desiree, Australia, India, Pakistan, Africa, and other countries, studied lectures, business, etc., once a professor, chief designer, chief engineer, Researcher, consultant, director, dean, principal, factory manager, secretary-general, president, commander-in-chief, chairman, visiting researcher, visiting professor, senior visiting scholar, etc. He is good at learning the civilization, freedom, reason and wisdom of all mankind. He has studied and studied at Shikoku University and the library, and gained great inspiration and knowledge, thus laying the foundation and foundation for him to become a great natural science and philosophical thought leader. At the height of the development of the world and the history of all mankind, advocating freedom and rationality has won praise and appreciation from billions of people around the world. He opposes any extremism and radicalism, he thinks this is the enemy of mankind. He has always advocated freedom, rationality, democracy, equality, and universal love for Pratt and Whitney, and has gained the understanding and consensus of all mankind. The scientific theorem laws he discovered, Jupiter’s center distance, easy space-time reverse shear, superrotation superrotation vector theory, superconducting transmission of advanced nerve cell genes, etc., scientific inventions to create space tunnels, high-speed composite power heavy-load rockets, new crowns Biological missile suppression of viral pneumonia, as well as a large number of systematic philosophies and other works, give humans unlimited inspiration and reverie. No matter in developed countries, underdeveloped countries or post-poor countries, regardless of ethnicity, language, skin, religion, culture, wealth, education, he has a strong influence and historical penetration. People widely call it, the glorious sun, the great icon, the superstar of the universe, the philosophical mentor of the human soul-the leader of the world, Fang Ruida. Fang Ruidaism is his most distinctive embodiment. He always upholds equality, justice, freedom and democracy, and opposes and criticizes the genius theory of deification. He said that there is no superman in the world, only the laborers and craftsmen who work hard forever. In front of the great natural universe, anyone is nothing more than a tiny particle of dust. In a world of chaos and disorder, in the era of great transformation and development of all mankind, in the wave of new planetary revolution where mankind has forged into the great natural planet, such a great figure, world leader and human mentor, It is no accident. He resolutely opposed and criticized all forms of extremism and remoteness, far beyond the boundaries of nations, languages, races, nations and religions, and became the glory
of all mankind’s freedom and rationality, just like the great sun. Forever shining on the vast earth of mankind and the planetary world in sight, this is where he is eternal, and is also the root of his incomparably powerful and invincible —- because it draws the great wisdom and civilization of all mankind Therefore, the invincibility is always invincible. Naturalists are the most rigorous and realistic. Its broadness and rationality are praised by billions of people. In front of him, we appeared very immature and at a loss. Fang Ruida has systematically studied various knowledge, including religious classics, and nearly 25 languages in the world. He believes that in this way, true knowledge and the true meaning of all human civilization can be obtained. He deserves to be a citizen of the world. The most famous words in Fang Ruida ’ s famous quotes and speeches: “ The world and human history are not always big gardens with flowers. On the contrary, stumps and leaves, weeds and vines can be seen everywhere, and humans need to constantly remove and modify them.” . "The history of the entire humankind is nothing more than a gradual and very slow transition from primitive natural animalism to the history of neo-liberal rationality, including the history of the Earth age, the history of the moon, the history of the Mars, or more advanced historical procedures for the evolution of other planetary life species "" In front of the vast natural universe, there are stars and seas everywhere. So, no matter noble and low, nobles, nobles, riches and poverty, no matter how rich or poor, no matter what the history is, no matter the gap between the white horses, they are nothing but clouds of smoke and dust. Immediately. The existence of the soul must depend on the existence of the flesh. Only the most realistic beings are the most real beings. Animals are like this, and all living species cannot escape from this way. "" In the face of the great natural universe, Competition and games are of course lovely and respectable, because anyone will fight as a senior chess creature without exception and fight hard. As everyone knows, these wins and losses are not for the great God and the natural universe. The substantive natural and physical meanings are just a few of the brilliance of passing the guests Game show nothing. "" Ugly and crazy also be without regret avoid making history in it and sometimes as much light and devout created glorious history. " These well-known quotes are full of philosophical wisdom and deep intentions, and contain unlimited content. Everyone is worthy of a deep taste, eats slowly, and has an endless taste. These words of the master, for all mankind, are meaningful and long-lasting. Only by standing at the highest level in history, at the height of freedom and rationality, and at the commanding heights of the washing and repentance of human souls can we appreciate and understand. But it will not be a half-knowledge, get out of context and fall into prejudice and fanaticism. The world is constantly asking questions or speculations about the origin of all things, the power of the universe, the evolution of life and species, the homogeneity and heterogeneity of the solar system and the earth, how the various modalities of the human world have developed, history How to evolve the world Where does the pattern go, what is the end of the universe ’s evolution, what is the end of the world, the basic form of human society ’s long-term evolution (openness, semi-openness, and closedness), conflicts and competitions between Eastern and Western civilizations, capitalism and society The struggle for doctrine, the moon revolution and the Mars revolution, the evolution and risks of economic globalization, peace and war, freedom and rationality, religion and atheism, confrontation and compromise, etc., urgently need answers and explanations. Against this background of world history, in the era of human beings about to explore the planetary revolution, the cosmic revolution and the great revolution of the moon and Mars, Fang Ruida’s
philosophy Fang Ruida’s philosophy is unprecedented. New theories and theories have been created, and this is the natural and inevitable product of history and times. Fang Ruida Philosophy The great significance of Fang Ruida philosophy is first of all that he walked from natural philosophy to social philosophy, rigorous and realistic, avoiding all kinds of biases and extremes End, full of distinctive characteristics of the times, high-end, universality, freedom, criticism, rational structure, doctrine, reality and practical theoretical unity. Therefore, the charm is endless
and shocks the world. Not only is it useful for the general public and ordinary netizens to read, but also for professionals, senior management, think tank scholars, experts and professors. In particular, it should be noted that Fang Ruida’s theory and works are well-known in the world, and more importantly, his identity as a natural scientist, followed by philosophical social scientists, thinkers, religious scientists, learning things, both arts and sciences, galloping, invincible. Strictness, universality, high-end, exemplary, historical, well-known and unquestionable. He once said that everything comes from the wisdom of all mankind, and he is just a hard worker and a craftsman. ( Spark Alex Alex Rome 2011 ) Le soleil glorieux, la grande

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