The Fisherman (Explored)

The Fisherman (Explored)

Explore #494

Taken with a Canon 24-105L

I saw this photo on the way back from a failed attempt at a sunrise but the sun was far too high by this point, so I decided to go back the next morning and see what I could come up with. However when I reviewed the images on the back of the camera (I wouldn’t usually do this to judge what an image looks like but I didn’t have my computer with me) I wasn’t happy; the composition of the sunshade, the sun and the fisherman (not that I could do much about that) were all wrong and the exposure was too long creating more lens flare than I wanted.
So I thought that I’d pay the location another visit on our last morning and I’m glad that I did; I got there with plenty of time to set the camera up and compose my image and I really couldn’t have placed the fisherman in a better position!!!

Apart from dust busting two spots of dirt this is SOOC!

This is my last photo from Turkey (there may be one or two more at a later date), hopefully I’ll have some new stuff next week!

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Posted by Daniel Borg on 2011-11-13 14:18:10

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