The final view to the west after sunset

The final view to the west after sunset

I’ve been posting a lot of sunset photos and will try to get away from doing that, but El. Franco Lee Park has had a lot to offer and without the help of any dust cloud blown in from the Sahara. It’s difficult to believe that this sunset is the final view of what remained in the sky after the displays that had taken place a bit earlier. You can read below why I am late to the party this evening in the comments below if you would like an explanation.

I wish that I could say that things have gone well, but after 3 dreaded blue screens today and a computer that refused to do a system restore, I have spent the afternoon and part of the evening planning for the very worst and what would happen if the machine doesn’t recover from the blue screens. I’ll have to wait until my IT savvy grandson can break away from work and assist in getting my computer to work without crashing. I’m going to let it ride for now and hope for the best and hope that he can get to it quickly. Hope I can get to everyone’s photos in due time.


Posted by WanaM3 on 2020-06-29 01:59:37