The Boutique…

The Boutique...

From Ionic we have "The Boutique" gacha now available at Equal 10. Its a really nicely done store and actually has many possibilities! From The Boutique gacha we have:
ionic : The Boutique – RARE
ionic : Crystal Necklaces
ionic : Counter Plant
ionic : Design Necklaces
ionic : Luna Earrings Collection
ionic : Cosmia SIlver Rings
ionic : Cosmia Golden Rings
ionic : Luna Wrapped Earrings
ionic : Glasses Display
Find them here at Equal 10:
Ionic Mainstore:

Other ionic/spell various gacha items used:
SPELL : Bike -Plants & Books – RARE
ionic : Front door planter
ionic : Wooden Motel Table
ionic : My handmade ceramic pot (A)
ionic : Wooden Motel Chair
ionic : Milkshake et biscuits
ionic : Yogurt con frambuesas
ionic : Homemade croissants
ionic : My handmade ceramic pot (C)
ionic : Travelling with my friend!
ionic : Raquettes de tennis
ionic : Oui [Art wall] ionic : Sofa Blanquito

Other decor used:
Nutmeg. Chesterfield Sofa Nude
Nutmeg. Just a bunch of pillows 2
Nutmeg. Vintage Tabletop Wreath Off-White w/Lights
[ keke ] my funny valentine . 1 red and white
dust bunny . quirky planters . narwhal
dust bunny . quirky planters . pug
dust bunny . quirky planters . cactus
dust bunny . quirky planters . snail
dust bunny . quirky planters . llama
dust bunny . quirky planters . hedgehog
Ariskea[Greta]. Side Table bed
anc Looking-glass. oval mirror silver 2Li
Fancy Decor: Crystal Sconce (silver)
Loft & Aria – Eir Bench
[-BLUE SKY-] "Animated Sky Painting – Sea"
hive // cone boxwood topiary . lighted
[Tia] Pompeii – 3 Tier Lion Fountain
[Tia] Pompeii – Potted Wall Vines
Apple Fall Original: Swan Study
tarte. desktop computer RARE
[Figure 8] Les Chandelier Silver
Bygone Clerk’s Console Table
Apple Fall Original Artwork – Cliffside
+Half-Deer+ Country Rose Chandelier – Antique White
Concept} 05. Stars TRUNK
Heart – Wildflowers – lily of the Nile – White – p3

Thanks for your support!! ❤️​

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