Technology Refresh

Technology Refresh

I haven’t done much in terms of upgrading for about five years now. Just buying new hard drives and replacing them when they fail. And if you go back far enough, the last time I actually purchased a *computer* was in 1996. Everything else has been replacing things as they break or grow obsolete. So I don’t think that there’s anything left of the system I purchased in 1996 left.

Anyway, it turns out that a mid-end CPU is around four times as fast, on the benchmarks, as my present CPU. And I’m out of disk space, which is discouraging me from shooting, recording, and editing. My system drive is a fairly old 160gb Serial ATA drive that’s about five years old, so that’s the one that’s getting replaced. And I figured that, since I’m reinstalling everything from scratch, I might as well upgrade a few other things here and there while I’m at it.

I also decided to work some on making my geekroom quiet and most of my fans have ingested a few years of room dust. Especially in the last six months of the old place where it was clear that, as soon as our lease was up, we’d be moving out, where it was hard to get the motivation to dust or vacuum.

Meanwhile, my coworker Rich was griping because he’s got a perfectly fast G5 tower that won’t run the latest OS X and basically requires him to toss the whole thing and spend a few thousand more if he wants to upgrade. This is why I still run Windows. The open source community has never delivered a truly persuasive desktop environment, therefore, if I want stuff that’s not whatever a cadre of attention-deficit teenagers want to write, it’s either Windows or MacOS. And I don’t want to play the upgrade game for expensive things like desktop computers. For a little more than the cost of the lowest-end, humblest Mac Mini, I get a pretty decent upgrade that puts it above most of the iMacs in capability and with a lot more space for disk drives. Thus, Windows becomes the lesser of the two evils.

Posted by wirehead on 2010-07-31 18:29:08

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