Take Your Photos Here! F**k Management!

Take Your Photos Here! F**k Management!

I had spotted this sign a few days earlier, but my photos came out a bit blurry. The sign on the right spoke to me, so I had to return because I thought the message should read very clearly.

This was taken after the Meetup at SF Adobe’s headquarters, where Zorana Gee and Ivan Belaunde presented some of the new cool tools in Photoshop CS5. The one that made the most impact on the audience was the Content Aware Fill tool, which allows the computer to do the work of complex cloning. Imagine erasing a stray branch in a photo, and have what was behind the branch become visible! The presenters did this with a horse!

This sure opens the barn door to making those fake photos even easier to produce, faster, and with less skill. I rarely use the clone tool, and if I do use it to change the original image I will declare it. My hope is that photographers that use CAF will not pass their work off as documentary images. When in doubt, document the tools used! Thanks!

I had some ideas about changing the sign on the left (image is cropped a bit), using various cloning and text techniques. After working on it for an hour, and getting a reasonable real-looking image, I went back and looked at the original and decided that the photograph is more powerful in an unedited state.

Check out the map if you want take a photo here too!

A bigger sign!

Photowalk with Cynthia Wood ( Cynner_SF ).

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