Tagged by Vitor, Vick & Laylinha

Tagged by Vitor, Vick & Laylinha

1) My name is Nina in real life, it´s not a nickname. My name is Thereaver in tribute to the game series Legacy of Kain which I love.

2) I am 30 years old, but I seem to be much younger. Maybe it´s because I spend all the time laughing at all. I love to laugh. People says that laughs prevents wrinkles. I consider myself anti social. But I always conquer people (because of the laughs). People thinks I’m arrogant and closed until they hear me laughing.

3) I don´t believe in horoscopes and don´t understand anything about them. I only know well my sign. I´m Virgo = Perfectionist

4) If there´s something I believe about the ratings is in the Enneagram. I am the number 1, which means I am is a perfectionist person and I am rigorous with myself and with others.

5) My parents were professional theater actors. I love dramaturgy. Part of my childhood was behind the scenes, boring technicians, actors and illuminators. I grimaced at them from the backstage.

6) Also because of my father, I was a swimmer until age 16 and collect two boxes of shoes lined with medals in swimming. I miss that. For problems in the family I had to stop. If I had not stopped, I would have gone to the Olympics for sure.

7) If I wasn´t designer in real life I would paleontologist. I am passionate about paleontology, but at the time of entering the college, the paleontology market in Brazil was weak. I didn´t want to starve. I love more stones, dust and bones than computers and photoshop. Bones don´t crash and the competitors doesn´t voodoo on you.

8) I like animals, as long as they are not smelling me. I like but I don´t have anything now, because I live in an apartment. When I was a kid, I had a fish and even a freshwater crab that I called Fernando. When I was going to clear the tank, I used to let him walking in the living room. He died, months later and my mother threw him in the toilet =/

9) I’m not eclectic. I like Rock not too heavy, pop and House Music. When I fall in love with a song, I listen to it for days non-stop. At the moment I can´t stop listening to Hearing Damage from Thom Yorke

10) I have no vices, except for Coca Cola. I hate alcohol and cigarettes.

11) Sorry for the mistakes 😛

12) I talk too much, I love to write, and I love this kind of thing.

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