Mars | 2018-07-16 6:26 UTC | RGB

Mars | 2018-07-16 6:26 UTC | RGB

Seeing was not bad, but not as good as July 14th, and transparency was extremely variable due to clouds coming through. While processing the Mars images from this night, our hard drive started slowing down and eventually started giving I/O errors, usually a sign that a drive has failed. Fortunately, restarting my computer fixed all the problems but I decided to back up the remaining 1 terabyte of unprocessed data to another drive to be safe.

Syrtis Major is rising.
Dust clouds appear to be escaping from Hellas Basin.
The south polar cap is mostly obscured by dust.

Telescope: Celestron C14 EdgeHD
Camera: ZWO ASI290MM
Barlow: Astro-Physics Advanced Convertible Barlow
Filters: Chroma Red, Chroma Green, Chroma Blue


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