Desert Dueler

Desert Dueler

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Among The Stars

Among The Stars

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Blue Angels After Burner

Blue Angels After Burner

Blue Angel that overshot the end of the run way and kicked in the afterburners over a field kicking up some dust.

Pictures all shot at 1/500. MCAS Miramar Airshow Friday October 3rd.
Sorry that these are just uploads from Photobucket, as the originals are on my home computer which has an internet problem right now.

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Oh dear…such dusty books

Oh dear...such dusty books

…I must remember to toss some dynamite in here

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Mad Alex – Second Life Road

Mad Alex - Second Life Road

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The Train In Vain

The Train In Vain

Is mildly insane

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Philip Green Educational – Slide Set S44 – Computers

Philip Green Educational - Slide Set S44 - Computers

4 – This man is baking wafers of silicon in an oven to a temperature of about 1,000 degrees celsius. The silicon must be about 99.9999% pure before it can be made into chips. Elements are introduced to alter the way electricity will flow through the chips. The cleanest of manufacturing conditions are essential because the tiniest speck of dust can cause the chip to be useless.

*Taken from the Teachers’ Notes for this set.

Even after a ‘boil wash’ Neville handled his undies with the utmost caution…

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Urbanization of Africa becomes a key point in World Economic Forum on Africa 2012

Urbanization of Africa becomes a key point in World Economic Forum on Africa 2012

World Economic Forum on Africa 2012 has been ended on May 11th in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. According to the report of Muhammad Ali Pate, Minister of State for Health of Nigeria, urbanization of Africa will become a major issue because of the tremendous pressure cities face with respect to population growth.

According to a new French analysis of demographic trends, there is only one city of Africa that had 1 million residents in 1960, now, there are 40, and the rural exodus is continuing at such a pace that already strained cities are struggling to provide services, like health care, and infrastructure, like sewage treatment, enough to support the population growth.

Urbanization is a global problem, especially for Africa, with several complicated issues which is essential for further economic growth. From planning a city to caring for its inhabitants; the urban environment holds challenges and potential for economic and social positive change.

“There exists urgent need of improving the living condition and healthy, and rebuild of infrastructure is a main guarantee for this.”Zhong Jianhua, China’s special representative for African Affairs said to reporters, “China will always be a main partner of Africa, and we are planning to sign contracts about the infrastructure of Sub-Saharan Africa, which is headed for a ‘population emergency’”.

As for the cooperate companies, China government has strict demand on these , high technology, environment-protecting and working safety are the main conditions, and DSMAC ,China leading construction manufacture, has be chose as the first one for its record of zero incidents, high working efficiency and no harm for the environment.

Urban growth is a continuing problem that will affect Africa cities without proper city planning, so the construction cooperation should be paid attention, if Africa can solve the issue effectively, the economic will run at an amazing speed

“I feel very grateful for China government offering assistant projects, like the low financing or concessional loans for infrastructure projects, large economic investments, etc. Thus offer great help to the local economic development. In the future, more trade activities will be host between us and mutual development is always our goal. ”said Blade Nzimande.

Fats showed that Chinese investment can not only promoted Africa’s economic development and transformation, but also to promote social harmony and political stability.

“According to the SAIIA, China in Africa research project investigator, China has been regarded as the third largest trading partner Of Africa, after the European Union and the United States, however, it will becoming a top trading partner to Africa soon.” Lu Hong Bo, a senior engineer of DSMAC Group, vice-president of China Gravel Association and China Foundry Association said.

By 2011, Chinese investment in Africa reached 92.8 billion yuan (US$ 14.7 billion), covering mainly finance, mining, manufacturing, agriculture and construction, according to the Ministry of Commerce. Nearly 70% of PRC infrastructure financing on the continent reportedly is concentrated in Angola, Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Sudan, etc.

Zhong Jianhua, China’s special representative for African Affairs, said: “As Africa has made its effective way of developing, China will add its investment on the infrastructure of Africa and more projects will be seen on Africa land. At the meantime, government also set SMEspecial loan in Africa, many famous domestic infrastructure related companies will be listed on the plan, like Sweett, DSMAC, China Construction First Building(Group) corporation limited, Liming, etc.”

Africa is still on the way of developing, especially of its infrastructure, and there is no doubt that the world economy, a growth point in Africa, should do to prepare forAfrica’s economic development soar.

hydraulic cone crusher,LARGEST HAMMER CRUSHER OR IMPACT CRUSHER BY PRODUCTED stone crusher for sale in DSMAC

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Urban Clothing ? How Hip-hop Rules the World of Fashion

Urban Clothing ? How Hip-hop Rules the World of Fashion

The popularity of urban clothing started at the birth of hip-hop in 1980’s. When the rappers were on the spotlight, they introduced not only a music genre but also endorsed a fashion statement among the youth. The living legend MC Hammer will always be remembered for the blousy pants he wore every time he performs breakdancing on stage with his music hits. Many predicted that it’s going to be like the other fads that fade away after a short time.

However, things turned out differently. In fact, more and more clothing companies have been producing creative designs to cater the increasing market demands. Customers are delighted because they have plenty of options to choose from. These days, this type of clothing is readily accessible by anyone with online retailers. Urban clothing is mainly characterized by wide leg pants and oversized shirts that seem to catch the attention of the people around them.

The colors used in the designs are highly contrasted and the graphics are often inspired by the graffiti art seen on gates and walls along the streets. These funky people also use sneakers, bling blings, snap back caps and other accessories that flash the sense of being cool. Some guys stick out their boxers and undershirts as part of their projection. Those who are financially capable wear heavy jewelries and gold chains like Big Daddy Kane.

Women were also into the same hip-hop fashion of men. But in the 1990’s, their choices started to shift from loose-fitting garments to womanly body huggers. Famous brands soon emphasized how women can maintain their feminine image while maintaining their hip-hop image. Later on, urban clothing for women expanded from casual short pants to dresses that depict fun and personal styles. They freely choose, match and experiment getups from their closet, an indicator that urban clothing need not be expensive.

Eventually, famous brands expressed their intention to add their products with a tinge of the hip-hop craze. Modern clothing brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas, Reebok and FUBU are currently associated with urban clothing. Currently, it has become more than an outfit but a creative part of culture. The main reason why it has penetrated the market is it brings comfort, originality and individuality that attract the users. Plain and uniform clothes limit the person from expressing who he/she really is. Because of this, it has continued to exist and be popular among those young at heart not only in the USA where it started but also in different countries.

the author talks about urban clothing.

“Screws fall out all the time. The world is an imperfect place.” — John Bender, The Breakfast Club

“Screws fall out all the time. The world is an imperfect place.” — John Bender, The Breakfast Club

This above quote, from a 1980s popular comedy movie is a very important thought when you are considering which fasteners and fixings to choose. If you choose the right ones for the particular job you are working on, you will not have this worry.


Fasteners And Fixings- How to Choose the Right Fastener and Fixing for the Job

If you are unsure what the differences are between each screw, nut, or bolt that must be used for your projects, you may end up choosing the wrong one. There are many considerations when picking out the right fasteners and fixings. Most of these considerations will depend on what kind of job you are doing and what kind of material you are working with. Spending the extra time deciding which product is best can determine whether or not your project will stand the test of time.


Here are some questions to ask yourself before starting your project:


WaterProof Fasteners and Fixings- Do my fasteners and fixings need to be waterproof?
Some projects, like those that involve metal materials, may require fasteners and fixings to be waterproof. This is especially true if the end result will be outside, and will come into contact with dew or rain and be subject to rust.


What length do your fasteners and fixings need to be?
One size does not fit all when it comes to nuts, bolts, and screws. For some projects, it is better to have the correct size. For instance, smaller screws are better for wood because they are less likely to cause splits in the wood.


Do they need to be flush with the material you are using?
If you are putting together a piece of furniture, there may be a couple of reasons that you may want the fasteners and fixings to be flush with the material. You’ll probably want to paint or stain the project, which can be more difficult if the nuts and screws are sticking out. You’ll also want to prevent injuries and snags that can occur.


What kind of material do your fasteners and fixings need to be made out of?
Certain materials, like wood, plastic, or metal, may work better for certain projects. Most likely, the type of material needed for your fasteners and fixings will match the type of material your project will be constructed from.


Is the area where you are going to be using the fasteners and fixings easy to get to for repairs or adjustments?
If it is going to be hard for you to reach the nuts, bolts, or screws the first time you try to place them, it will not be any easier when you try to remove them for repairs or adjustments. Keep this in mind when making your decision.


There are a variety of nuts, bolts and screws available in both the industrial and construction industries. When you are deciding on the right ones for your projects, make sure you take every aspect possible into consider at the planning stage. The more prepared you are, the more successful your finished project will be. Quality Fasteners and Fixings


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