Office wall

Office wall

With Euro 2008 in full swing and my beloved Spain kicking off today, thought it was time to dust off the ol’ Mexico 86 Poster
And what better opportunity to take a snap of the backdrop to my daily, working toil..

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Day 198: My Creative Workspace

Day 198: My Creative Workspace

Today I thought I’d take a break from doing anything creative for 365 and just show you my creative workspace. This is where I do my Photoshopping and Flickring.

Got the idea for this shot from Inkyblack, who suggested as a photo project we take a picture of our work area as-is (as in no tidying up). So here ya go. I added notes to explain what everything is. 🙂

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John turned off the vacuum and waited for his medal

John turned off the vacuum and waited for his medal

The desk room. Or flickr central. Or Rubbish Tip central, to be more accurate. From time to time I see shots on flickr of people’s immaculate work spaces – clean, tidy, organised, minimalist. Everything our work space isn’t.

Usually, there is a bit of space immediately in front of the keyboard where I wedge the camera in place to download shots. The rest of the desk is covered in dust, rubbish, junk, detritus, things I’d forgotten we’d ever owned, the occasional expired passport, some foreign currency, miscellaneous computer cables, software disks, a million receipts, kids toys, maybe the odd sock and so on. It drives us mental.

So today I finally thought, “That’s IT!”. The vacuum is coming out. Empty all the crap on to the floor and hoover away. So I did so. How the best intentions can go so wrong. I hoovered the top of the keyboard, obviously with the PC switched on, thereby pressing random keys with the hoover brush and sending the PC into a spasm of random functions. Never a good idea. But the PC survived. Then I thought I’d better be thorough and hoover the underside of the keyboard. In doing so I simultaneously knocked off and hoovered up one of the little legs at the back of the keyboard, leaving the thing sat on the desk lopsided.

Uh huh…… Time to open up the hoover and empty the last month’s worth of dust, hair and unspeakables onto the carpet to fish out the keyboard leg. No sign of it. Not sure what to do next I thought I may as well hoover up the mess off the floor. Clearly, asking the hoover to suddenly consume a month’s worth of dirt in 3 seconds flat was not a good idea. It got half way through the pile and then made an unhealthy sounding wheezing noise and stopped sucking. So – keyboard leg amputated and lost forever and now I’d apparently broken the hoover too. What a wonderful morning this was turning out to be.

I worked out how to remove the pipe from the hoover (it’s a Dyson actually – great modular design for idiots who do terrible things to their Dyson and have to take them apart as a result) and at the base of the pipe found a huge clot of dirt, hair, a pen – and the keyboard leg!

So, keyboard leg re-instated I then set about a hefty re-organisation of the whole desk and got it to the state in which you now see it. So, all things considered I think maybe I – ‘John’ – do deserve a medal? I mean, the desk was in an appalling state….

Large view may be worth a look

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Desk Setup

Desk Setup

Laptop is sitting on a Zaltman Notebook cooler. It helps about 5C, bought it when I was having some overheating problems. Turns out that the laptop was clogged up with dust, but I prefer the loan drone of the laptop cooler to the higher pitch the laptop makes. Thats assuming I can even hear it over the Boston Speakers 🙂

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