Wet Drawing Machine

Wet Drawing Machine

1. Wet Drawing Machine Specifications:
1.1. Product material is high carbon steel
1.2. Wire-in diameter is 1.5mm
1.3. Wire-out diamet is 0.15mm
2. Equipment performance of Wet Drawing Machine:
2.1 Reliability: For electric control system, the international fashion PROFIBUS on site technology, controlled by whole digital control. All electric elements are international famous brands. The operation of electric control system runs stable and reliable.
2.2 Energy saving: AC frequency speed adjustable drive is adopted to reduce the impact to mechanical stroke. Meanwhile, it can reduce the energy cost by over 30%.
2.3 High efficiency: reduce the trouble taking place rate, improve the average working speed, improve production effectiveness largely.
2.4 Environmental protection: The wet drawing machine is whole enclosing design. The negative pressure principle is used to collect the dust produced when the steel wire is pull up draw and gather dust into the dedust equipment through air pipe. It improves the working environment when the steel wire pull and draw and remove the dust powder pollution during steel wire drawing course.
2.5 Outer visual: the outline of equipment is optimization for its structure, designed according to platform, meet to the international fashion, the same as or better than the imported equipment.
2.6 Safety: with multiply protection function, when the equipment runs in high speed so that the protection shell is opened and other trouble takes place, the equipment speed is reduced till stop.
2.7 Convenient: For each set, there are functions such as positive and negative inching, front linkage, rear linkage function. There are length preset display at main operational pulpit man-machine interface, speed preset display, trouble inquiry, equipment status display, computer die arrangement.
2.8 Low noise: for main drive, we adopt the hard gear surface speed reducing box + narrow V combination belt or two steps narrow V combination drive, reduce the driving noise effectively.
Shanghai Lishang International Trading Co.,Ltd. is a professional wire drawing machine manufacturer and wire drawing machine supplier in China.


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Honey, what about the pig?

Honey, what about the pig?

This is a picture I took back in 1984 while I was living in Cusco, Peru, for one year as an exchange student. I chose not to dust the slides (oops, mistake!) so, well, they’re kind of dusty!

I don’t remember what town this was in, but it was certainly in the province of Cusco… maybe on the way to or from Urubamba. This was a common form of transport in Cusco.

No me acuerdo en qué ciudad estuvimos, pero creo que estabamos de vuelta a Cusco de Urubamba o tal vez de Pisaq.

I love the fact that I used to live in a place where pigs just roamed the town! I didn’t actually live in this place, but I lived it Cusco, which is within an hours drive from wherever this was taken.

11/14/07 I have this picture up as my desktop right now… when I got home tonight after class I turned my computer on and was admiring the pig. It struck me that most people that I know probably didn’t ever live in a place where pigs roamed the streets! While I was looking at this picture, I noticed the landscape and how much it looked like it would have lots of landslides. Then I remembered from my studying for my Geography exam last week that the Andes mountains are volcanic mountains, i.e. that they were formed by volcanic action. Then I thought about how many Earthquakes they have because of being a volcanic place… and THEN I was thinking about El Sen~or de los Temblores (god of earthquakes)… and then, I logged out of flickr and went, uncharacteristically, to CNN and there was a picture with a caption about a 7.7 earthquake in northern Chile. I thought "Wow…" Why? Because I had just been thinking about Our Man of the Earthquakes moments before and there it was in the headline of CNN’s main web page.

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Red-Eyed Treefrog

Red-Eyed Treefrog

I really hate scanning photos into my computer….they always have dust and dirt and other crap all over them.

Agallychnis callidryas

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